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  • Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One   4 years 9 weeks ago

    I got an excellent re-mastered compilation of the three titles. I have been playing Ratchet & Clank since the very beginning. This is still my favorite game series of all time. click here Well, I can finally play those PS2 classics in HD format.

  • Sleeping Dogs   4 years 13 weeks ago

    I bought Sleeping Dogs in the recent Steam sale. Great game, better than any GTA IMHO.

  • Castlevania: Symphony of the Night   4 years 15 weeks ago

    I've only played through a single time as of yet and it's one of my favorite games, ever. As for the music not standing out? You've got to be kidding me. I remember every single track in the game, very classical victorian-era inspired with a memorable tune for every area of the game, completely fitting for the atmosphere. Can you say that about 99% of Beethoven or Vivaldi's music? Michiru Yamane is one of the best female videogame composers around and a pioneer for the industry as far as I'm concerned. For you to write it off as something that doesn't really stand out is flat out wrong. The graphics are super detailed for small scale pixel art and flawless for its time, try looking at one of the area or boss sprites and you'll see what I'm talking about. See, I hate stupid biased reviews like this. I don't care if you didn't like the first hour of the game and that's the ongoing theme for this site. SOTN is not meant to be played and enjoyed in a single hour. I don't understand why you chose it as such. You have to take it in. Don't review it if you don't understand it because people will actually read this and believe it.

  • How Persona 3 destroyed my love for Japanese RPGs   4 years 16 weeks ago

    I get how the game comes to be too repetitive and that the characters talk too much. But I would disagree with some of the things said about tartarus. It isn't a bad thing that you can't see the monster you're about to fight before you fight it. It isn't a big deal if the monster is too tough for you, because you can run away. Pokemon doesn't let you know what you're about to fight, but no one complains about that?
    And it's not actually a big deal that characters are harassing you about hanging out, because all they're doing is offering you the opportunity to build their social link. If you want them to stop, complete their social link. Then they so talking to you and you can live happily ever after with chihiro.

  • How Persona 3 destroyed my love for Japanese RPGs   4 years 20 weeks ago

    "Because we aren't discussing of it as a game of general mean, we're specifically talking about Jrpg here. Try to compare this game's battle system with any other Rpg will make it look really bad. You like garbage, it's your choice, but saying rubbish is great just makes no sense.

    From the view of a long time rpg player, I'd say this game failed in rpg genre, but definitely succeeded in visual novel and dating sim category. You like the latter genres then of course this game suits you well, but don't , just please don't praise it as a good rpg."

    Sure , you're an experienced rpg player good for you. Lets not repect other peoples opinion and assume they only play garbage games.
    As a gamer ( not rpg player per se ) I like Persona 3. Sure the battle system is not the best, but the overall feel it has is better than many other "respected " titles ( Tales of Xillia comes to mind ) . I'm pretty sure that I have a good feeling what makes a good game ( for me ) as one has been around since the Missile Command on the atari 2600 days. Plenty of rpg's among those too

    The problem with your post is not that voice your opinion. Think that persona 3 is garbage all you want. Thinking that your opinion is worth more than anothers however is utter BS.

  • How Persona 3 destroyed my love for Japanese RPGs   4 years 21 weeks ago

    Good side: this game is fun. answering the question is fun. for me tho. it's like i can be me, i got option to chose. and it's three option! not just 2. eheh. and i pretty like tartarus. it's so challanging for me like i need to owned each block. need to get stronger until all enemies i've found are distressed. the story is good too. i've laughed to some convos between junpei and yukari xD i play this game (Persona 3 Portable). i like how tricky the enemies are. like there's an enemy with ice symbol on it's head. i thought it's power is ice.but then it's their weakness. (some shows their power, some shows their wekness lol)

    Bad side: well, need to read the guides tho. the class quiz.. well i thought if i pay attention to what the teacher say i can find the answer but no (some might be yes or is it just me. i need to google every question. i swear i've read the text what the teacher say. a lot battle tips to fight boss. i didn't read the guides that time i keep using my magic (zio) to fight the 3rd boss (i think) then i keep dying for many times. when i try carefully just to use attack or bash like that the boss would never use it's deathly skill -___- and also the fusing tips, our charms, academics, bla bla bla guide guideguide..
    *plus for the P3P: i hate how useless Orpheus is! we all want our first hero became the strongest ay?

    Boring side: velvet room is boring! like gosh i've spent most of times just to see and learn about fusing thingy and some of elizabeth's request are clueless........... :'(

    fyi i didn't follow the walkthrough at all. i've play p3p, p3fes, and p4. i re-playing P3P just now and it's still addicting.

  • Bit.Trip Runner   4 years 22 weeks ago

    Yeah, that was my exact problem with the game. I tried playing with the sound on and the sound muted, and played far better with the sound muted. I would love the game if only it asked me to press buttons in time with the music, but it doesn’t – the music can only be appreciated by a spectator, not the player. The music is just a distraction to the player.

    Sadly, the sequel Runner2 has the same problem. At least the standalone music-only soundtracks to the games are nice – though not as nice as the in-game music with the obstacle-clear sound effects.

  • Mount & Blade: Warband   4 years 26 weeks ago

    Except on the start of the game,when you must accept the quest of the merchant of Shariz/Sargoth/Wercheg/Suno/Uxhall,you can do whatever you want.You can pass all the game raiding caravans,or villages,if you are in to it.Of course,every caravan and village,or a castle or city,have a owner and a faction,and every militar action you commit provokes some reaction of the faction you offended.Don't have a main quest,at least the game don't oblige you to acomplish,that is to be the Ruler of all Calradia.To do it you need first to be a mercenary(other cool job you can find on the game) of one of the factions,after gain enough respect of their ruler,giving victories to the faction,you will be a lord,get some fiefs...resuming,you will advance with this faction.Everything you do creates renown,and,after a war,you the faction and you was sucessfull,right to rule.Don't have so many rpg's with this caracteristics,no?And we have so many atributtes to mix on the game,to use on the map,to discipline your party(that grows bigger and bigger,while the game advances),to loot(i hate loot),for example.And you need to use diplomacy with people that you recruit on the cities,that you can say that they are your captains.One don't like of the other,like job colleagues...The detail that don't have any magic on the entire game,and franchise,makes it unique,too.I love this game,love slash an archer while riding at hi-velocity on the battlefield.The only complait that i have is on the sieges,that you cannot use catapults,battering rams,command any unity accordally to a sucessfull siege,as you can do on the Total War Medieval.You know,you crash the wall with big flaming rocks,or send a siege tower front the wall,and the infantry on the tower waves on the retainers,opens the gates,and the cavalry wave the enemies inside.I hope they will change to something like that on the sequel,bannerlord.

  • How Persona 3 destroyed my love for Japanese RPGs   4 years 26 weeks ago

    this whole post went from valid debate to a bunch of screaming whining children all calling each other stupid for having an opinion *slow clap* way to make a good impression on the gaming community

  • How Persona 3 destroyed my love for Japanese RPGs   4 years 28 weeks ago

    Personally, I'm a huge fan of the Persona series (although looking at the other comments, people despise it, too), and I am finding it awesome, and a very unique and enjoyable gameplay experience.
    FOR ME.
    If I had to be honest here, the gameplay DOES suck in several ways.

    1. The difficulty and gameplay
    This game is unforgiving at times, and party A.I. can be stupid (what else do you expect from A.I., though?) on more than enough occasions. The battle system was pretty good, I thought. The idea of having an additional move after knocking down an enemy, and the enemy being able to do the same to you was pretty cool to me at the time, and still is. And the SAME FREAKING DUNGEON FOR THE ENTIRE GAME I wasn't too happy about that, either. In the beginning of the game, I thought Tartarus was just an early-game dungeon that I'd literally go there for the tutorial and never come back. But nope. I had to go back there over... and over... and over again! Eh. I got over it.
    Seriously, though. Once you play through a decent portion of the game, you'll find yourself able to pace yourself and get used to how you play the game. Grinding will be minimal, and you can balance it with activities outside of battling.

    2. The repetition of the game
    Let me just say this; I COMPLETELY understand anyone who says this game is repetitive sometimes, or all the time. Tartarus is pretty bland and boring, for sure. Climbing through the same boring, randomly-generated tower gets monotonous pretty damn quickly, and the same battles over and over again aren't helping. As for social links... I have yet to see a concept like this in any other RPG yet (or maybe I just don't play enough of them). They add an interesting gameplay mechanic to the game, and you can really see the characters develop as you progress their social link. Sure, having the same formula for each day (i.e. go to school, hang out w/ social link, sing karaoke in the evening) might turn people off the game (understandably) but I'm not really bothered by that.

    3. Uhh... Music? Or plot? I dunno.
    Music? I didn't really get it at first, but it wasn't like I minded it. In fact, after awhile, I started to really enjoy it, in the game or on my MP3. Some songs, especially close to the end of the game (if you're gonna play that far), are really nice and memorable. The progressive-style themes of Tartarus and a dungeon in the epilogue included in FES sound boring and kind of bad, but later in the game, you can change the dungeon theme to several others whenever you want. All you have to do is make it to that point in the game...
    Plot? When you get to the end, sh*t gets serious, dude. It IS pretty lackluster when you first start off, but it gets really good if you progress enough. Even though the protagonist is silent, he still feels pretty cool to me (also emo-looking, but I fell like that sometimes, too XD), and I feel the protagonist creates some nice bonds with others that most people WISH they could have with other people.

    4. Other random stuff
    If you play a Persona game, expect a "Frakking Endless Story", at least in the introduction. That is DEFINITELY a bad thing about these games; they take too damn long to start. Have your finger/thumb on the X button and get ready to button-mash for a few hours, because literally all you get is dialogue. The anime cutscenes sort of clash with the feel of the game (going from simple polygons on screen to anime cutscenes) and they are confusing at times, but most are explained later in the game (or you can draw your own conclusions if you want) and make complete sense if why the developers bothered to show you the cutscene.
    This game is LONG. Like, REALLY LONG. Anyone reading this should have plenty of time on their hands, since you'll be sitting in front of a television for 70+ hours, at least.

    5. Conclusion
    Persona is a great game series, but obviously not for anyone. Looking back, this series has very many outstanding and significant flaws, but people can look past them and enjoy the good parts of the game. That's WHY this series has a strong fanbase to begin with. Your review makes some excellent points, but you could easily argue that the game is much better than you make it seem. In the end, it is unique among RPGs/JRPGs and certainly not everyone can enjoy it. But, for those who do enjoy it, it's an awesome game.

    (Also, I'm completely aware of the fact that I'm posting this on a nearly-4-year-old review, but I felt the need to give my thoughts and opinion as well. Besides, you said you still read these reviews, so I'm hoping you'll read this one too.)

  • Pikmin   4 years 29 weeks ago

    these are japanese and beta screenshoots

  • Tales of Legendia   4 years 30 weeks ago

    Nice post. I'm playing this right now. I'm a growing fan of the series, having played every previous issue and some later ones, so my point of view is kind of different. But there's nothing wrong written here.

    Also, thanks for the skit capture. I made use of it. Despite I don't specially like Norma.

  • Hitman   4 years 31 weeks ago

    i really love you films and games i wash i cloud see you.

  • How Persona 3 destroyed my love for Japanese RPGs   4 years 31 weeks ago

    I will have to agree on the battle system parts from Persona 3. F.E.S. didn't fix anything, and even nerfed a few things, from the original (which is what I play, screw the extra content, I like my gimmicks.) Persona 4, however, did well to fix this problem, along with a couple others.

    I believe the reason this game has such a concrete progression structure is to challenge the player to get as much done as they can in order to have the strongest team with the best S. Links. Also to assume a role of another person/character. While the protagonist isn't voiced (Probably for the better.) it still lets you convey choices and such which affect your experience and progression in the game. While this -is- a JRPG, I do not consider it to be the same type of JRPG as Final Fantasy (which I abhor. But we won't go into that). These two games share many core gameplay aesthetics, but the games are vastly different in core gameplay mechanics. Day-by-day progression in Persona makes it a very different game than FF. You don't plan for your next night in FF, because there isn't one unless the story actually makes the time progress itself. Quite a bit different.

    A review is not a very constructive one when you have to hold a cardboard cutout of another game over it to analyze what it does or doesn't have. Games are different from each other. Even if they're both a "JRPG."

    Not all games are for everyone. As much as we may want to think so. The degrees of abnegation a player desires can determine what game they want to play as much as their desire for conquest, a solid story, or any other number of things people seek in games. Persona 3 fit my bill perfectly, it didn't fit yours. That's all there is to it.

    200+ hours in P3, 240+ in P4. Zero hours in any Final Fantasy game (aside from the one or two I gave a few of them) No regrets here.

  • Borderlands 2 - Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty   4 years 31 weeks ago

    The only wishlist I would add to Borderlands 2 is if the map is larger, just like the one in GTA5. Just kinda feel the current map in Borderlands is kinda restricted to the storyline.

  • Rage [Video]   4 years 32 weeks ago

    while made by Raven software it was over seen by Id games. it seems id,activision , and raven studios share staff. so in a way it was made by id or at least someone in the family. (art directer for id games Quake to also worked on halo 4 (((Kenneth Scott)))

    as far as Rage goes I liked it but there were problems with it. I am used to real times lights and physics from doom 3/quake 4. there was nothing like that in rage but since it was all one map it would have taken a very powerful gaming rig to play it. still i enjoy id games from a tech stand point as a coder and game developer.

  • GoldenEye 007   4 years 32 weeks ago

    When i played it with the gun attatchments (bought separatly) as well as with the nunchuk i find it hard to aim because the camera view moves side to side and swivels as i aim. Am i the only one? i think it would have been easier to control the movements all with the nunchuk and not have the character turn around when aiming.

  • Batman: Arkham Asylum   4 years 32 weeks ago

    Batman: Arkham Asylum black mask

  • Divekick   4 years 32 weeks ago

    Not sure it kicks street fighters arse but it looks fun enough. Cheers for the post

  • How Persona 3 destroyed my love for Japanese RPGs   4 years 36 weeks ago

    This was one of my personal favorites.
    I can totally see your point and you did make some valid points. Tartarus is fairly annoying and at times boring. I enjoy it though because after my fourth time, yes four times this is the only game that I have ever replayed more than once, it is simple. This game also keeps me coming back for more because I love the storyline to pieces.
    And I didn't think the voice acting was that bad. Not as bad as other games I've saw like the English dub of .hack. Seriously, it's terrible. I had to switch the dialogue to Japanese (thank the lord for the option). The music though is terrible for most Persona games. The only decent track is "Heartful Cry" and that's only in the Answer. It gives me a good laugh though and personally, I don't care too much. If it's such a big deal there IS a volume control button on your TV. WOWZER. Really, if you are going to complain about it, you can always listen to other music while you play. That's what I typically do during long training sessions at Tartarus.
    I thought the whole point of an RPG (aka A ROLE PLAYING GAME) way to be able to make your own decisions? Isn't that what ROLE PLAYING is? Maybe this is in a broad sense, but the game does allow you to make almost all decisions by yourself. And, while the battle style can also be annoying, isn't it more realistic? In real life you can't control the people around you. It gives the game a sense of realism in it. I was kind of bored the first couple months of my first play-through but, now I really love it. I spent 130 hours on it total, and it doesn't seem like you even made it past the first few months of the game unless you speed through it without paying attention to the plot. I love longer games because spending 30 bucks on a game you beat in 50 hours is kind bland. Plus the fact that this is such a big game, there's always something more to do.
    This is all my personal opinion and I can totally see why you may dislike it though. It's kind of a boring game to some and most people like Persona 4 better. Personally, this is my favorite in the series because of the darker undertones. This one was like "DEATH, DEATH, DEATH, GOTTA DO MY SOCIAL LINKS" while Persona 4 was like, "YAY FRIENDSHIP FRIENDSHIP LET'S BE FRIENDS" I love that game too, but it's so freaking happy. I still really like Persona 4 though because it is a whole different spin to the Persona series though, it's just not my favorite.

    (Might get some hate for this, but personally I hated FFX and it is my least favorite in the Final Fantasy series. To me, Tidus was so annoying and the characters, other than Yuna, did not really develop. The plot twists were so easily guessed and c'mon really? The ending? It was frustrating and really not much fun. The battle style was good like all Final Fantasy games but IX was so much better plot-wise. Also, I have only played Suikoden IV for a short time at a friends house and I liked it though, so I may pick up the others if they are similar to it.)

  • How Persona 3 destroyed my love for Japanese RPGs   4 years 38 weeks ago

    Because we aren't discussing of it as a game of general mean, we're specifically talking about Jrpg here. Try to compare this game's battle system with any other Rpg will make it look really bad. You like garbage, it's your choice, but saying rubbish is great just makes no sense.

    From the view of a long time rpg player, I'd say this game failed in rpg genre, but definitely succeeded in visual novel and dating sim category. You like the latter genres then of course this game suits you well, but don't , just please don't praise it as a good rpg.

  • How Persona 3 destroyed my love for Japanese RPGs   4 years 38 weeks ago

    OK, why the hell is everyone shouting about this? Persona is the best game ever. The battle system is awesome and the bosses are great. Nobody should ever hate this game. I know I won't. I will love it as my fav game forever. I worship nyx and i have changed my name to Mistoki Nagasai as that's what I called my character in P3P. There!!!

  • How Persona 3 destroyed my love for Japanese RPGs   4 years 38 weeks ago

    NO! FES has no DIRECT COMMAND! Look it up or play it Moron!

  • How Persona 3 destroyed my love for Japanese RPGs   4 years 38 weeks ago

    The games 2 easy 4 me, I need 2 play a game like Final Fantasy! BECUZ THAT'S THE ONLY RPG THAT SHOULD EVER BE COMPARED TO OTHERS. No. It's not. Not all games are the same, if they were,it'd be terrible. P3 adds a very distinct category in RPGs. Which is good. A game with story 100 hours long and an ending that makes you sob is quite frankly a very well written story. I would suggest to people who hate P3 to play more Final Fantasy and never stray out to find a diamond in the rough like p3 was.

  • Mass Effect: An Audio-Visual Experience   4 years 39 weeks ago

    Brings back fresh memories (just finsihed the game a few days ago)... I'd just wish you had turned that film grain off. Otherwise, great work ! Let's do the same for Me2 and Me3 ! :))