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  • How Persona 3 destroyed my love for Japanese RPGs   4 years 8 weeks ago

    and I'm sure that a lot of people would agree with me. this is a very highly rated game. it sounds to me like you are just trying to be the rebel "game reviewer" the quote marks are there to emphasize that you suck at reviewing games so stop trying to review games cause its insulting to people who can really appreciate a good game.

  • How Persona 3 destroyed my love for Japanese RPGs   4 years 8 weeks ago

    and I'm sure that a lot of people would agree with me. this is a very highly rated game. it sounds to me like you are just trying to be the rebel "game reviewer" the quote marks are there to emphasize that you suck at reviewing games so stop trying to review games cause its insulting to people who can really appreciate a good game.

  • How Persona 3 destroyed my love for Japanese RPGs   4 years 10 weeks ago

    I understand u thinking the game is a little redundant, hell it's A LOT redundant, but it's a good game none the less, and I admit that some of the bosses( floor bosses, not full moon) don't require strategy to beat they require LUCK and a damn lot of it....but that's only one or two that pissed me off in that regard, the game itself has an original concept it's not the old run around going from place to place fighting random battles for exp or cash... It does have that it wouldn't be an RPG if it didn't, but they give you more to worry about than just if your level is sufficient enough to kill the next boss and progress the story... Not being able to control every character does suck but if you know how to use the commands properly they WILL do what you want them to, you just gotta learn how to manipulate the AI. The persona system is beautiful again it's more about proper skill placement then it is about stronger characters. All in all, this is a wonderful example how RPGs need to have more strategy based stories and gameplay rather than just let me level to 99 in the first dungeon so I can kick everyone's ass.

    So dude give it a try and look at it for what it really is an awesome game that strategy is needed more than power. PS I am a fan of all RPGs starting from FF1 on the NES and that includes FF13 (dramatic gasps) YES I ENJOYED FF13!! But seriously stop whining about this game, and give it a chance Oh and persona 4 let's you control ALL characters not just the MC!

    Ps sorry for the horrid punctuation and grammar, possibly even the spelling I'm using my iPhone at the moment while im at work!

  • Chrono Cross: The Best Worst Sequel of All Time   4 years 12 weeks ago

    Chrono Cross is about alternate universes, so who is to say that the worlds in Chrono Cross are from when Lavos was beaten in 1000 AD? When Chrono and the gang defeated Lavos in 1000AD as one of the endings, the dark age had already happened as in magic collapsing in 12,000 BC, so there was time for humanity to recover, allowing technology to recover as it was in the beginning of Chrono Trigger. Another ending in Chrono Trigger was Magus going back to 12,000BC to take on Lavos before the collapse of magic. Since Lavos was the cause of the collapse of magic, that would mean if Magus was successful, there would be no dark age, or at least any time soon. So unless it tells us exactly what time line Chrono Cross is on (which I personally don't recall and is why I'm replaying it), we can't assume this is 20 years after the beginning of Chrono Trigger.

  • Chrono Cross: The Best Worst Sequel of All Time   4 years 12 weeks ago

    My only problem with your expectations of Chrono Cross was your time travel comment. Time travel was for Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross is all about alternated universes.

  • How Persona 3 destroyed my love for Japanese RPGs   4 years 12 weeks ago

    Hi, as it seems, you still read the comments here so i thought it isn't a bad idea to post my reflections here.

    1) The monotony - I've read most of the comments and i'm around 110F atm. When i started, the most off-putting were: flash sim dating game setup - a lot of this game feels... and just to be honest simply IS a 90's style funky pimped sim dating game; I'm shocked no one mentions it anywhere. Studying and moralization - as much as i like japanese things, being forced to study like a stereotypical asian kid when all other stats get maxed by accident and then get moralized by everyone and everything in the game about how i should study more instead of progressing with s.links / tartarus felt just bad.
    Soon the whole tartarus started feeling like a big grindfest and as much as i've found s.links to be an interesting device to tell the story it all felt like monotonous grindfest (and still does, it's getting worse so far).
    Fusing was nice apart from the fact that most of the time i have too little space for all the personae i want and keeping item bearing personae is just a bad idea at least for the most of the game. And i said "was" because now that i really know what i'm doing when fusing, spending 3h with RNG waiting for a good skill set to be inherited is an awful chore.
    Forced overleveling also feels bad - and here comes the funny part - every one seems to say how they, as hardcore gamers, think that it's a good thing that this game and smts in general are hard and challenging and that's what makes this games good. I'm sorry what!? smt1 was -maybe- challenging, but this game is just plain easy. I'd change to hard if it didn't require me to start the game anew and then AI flaws and few other things like 'situations when by accident you find yourself in a position when the only thing you can do is to watch as the whole pt gets wiped out' would make this game more annoying rather than challenging. The only reason for overleveling is calendar; I'm "fighting" with time, i can't change pt eq outside of tartarus, sometimes there's just nothing else to do but to go to tartarus and once i'm there not getting the most of it - like extra requests, personae fusion grinding, leveling up my weaker teammates (who, contrary to what was said in game, simply cannot level up on their own once the split up and defeat shadows commands were issued) or getting more gold to mess with with fusing weapons etc - feels terribly wrong.
    And now a note to the author:
    Most of the problems you experienced were due to the fact you weren't thinking almost at all. No, really, i'm not calling you "stupid" nor bashing or anything like that it's just that you remind me of an old stiff inflexible person using a computer "i want to print out that document, instead of looking for a printing button that probably looks like a printer and is there where all the buttons are i'll call each and every person i know (gamefaqs and manuals :P) and ask them where this stupid button is and after the "please insert paper" (scan enemies) message appear instead of reading it i'll call the manufacturer (write a rant) telling him the printer (game) is broken" . If you don't scan the enemy, friendly AI won't work properly. Mitsuru's Marin Karin (charm) really isn't that bad (although the fact that after it lands everyone in your team suddenly tries to kill that monster as fast as possible... ugh, that's probably because it's a good thing on almost any other status debuff and if devs gave mitsuru any other debuff, the player could learn that unlike in other jrpgs debuffs are usefull in this game, it took me quite some time getting how to use them properly and why elemental spells are not the only skills worthwhile ), and you have to read what the game tells you as there is quite a lot of useful stuff and admittedly once you omit it finding out a lot of it on your own is bloody unintuitive.

    2) Imho there's some misconception here in comments: JRPG means RPG - "Role Playing" and "Game" while RPG means "Climatic" and "Grinding/Character stats progression" (take away Torment).

    3) I though that anime cutscenes were a bad idea for this type of game but they were by far the most enjoyable moments in this game for me.

    In conclusion; i'm enjoying the game; "overhyped" is a great description of this game, but it's "overhyped for a reason". The game really has some serious flaws.

  • How Persona 3 destroyed my love for Japanese RPGs   4 years 12 weeks ago

    I love you, exactly my thoughts when reading this whiny review.

  • How Persona 3 destroyed my love for Japanese RPGs   4 years 13 weeks ago

    P4: ZOMG we are bored kids with no problems in our lives, hey look. A MYSTERY.

    P3: Real people with real problems.

  • How Persona 3 destroyed my love for Japanese RPGs   4 years 13 weeks ago

    This game tried to immerse me and make me interact with characters. OMG it sucks. I want my plot handed to me on a shiney platter. FFXIII is the BEST Man. I love how linear and pretty it is. Screw games that give you options that CHANGE THE GAME. How lame is that. Gosh. And DAMN I had to work to beat battles. UG. WHY. Why do I have to THINK. Waaaa I want games to feel like a movie where I get to kill things.
    This is what your review reads like.

  • How Persona 3 destroyed my love for Japanese RPGs   4 years 14 weeks ago

    Want an easy game? Then play FFIX and X. It's really getting old AND annoying to play games where the MC gets the girl in the end and stuff.
    And what was that? The MC is "emo"? If that's reason enough for you to not even bother starting this game then I don't know what to say... You're like this kid that heard people bashing on emos and thought you'd be considered "cool" if you did so too. It doesn't matter if he's emo or not(which I think he isn't), there is a saying that rolls around the net that Atlus games are, for the most part, made only for specific genre fans. You can't just start playing a game because it has a large amount of good reviews and that kind of thing. This game is a challenge in every aspect - the battle system challenges you, the s. link system challenges you, the passing days challenge you, and last but not least, tartarus challenges you the most. If there isn't a specific place, like in other games, where you can go and grind for a sick amount of level-ups, fighting strong enemies that serve that one purpose, then there is no need to do it. I have tried to beat this game only with initial personae, and that made me like it even more. If there is a game you can't beat in a sort of "level one challenge" then that indicates that this game is good. You are not meant to breeze through the game like FFIX, you can never get too overpowered unless you just want to see if you can. Maybe I'm wrong, but most of the persona games emphasize on building a set of personas and leveling them good enough, instead of just summoning the highest level persona you can get and hope you can kill things just because it's skills are a high rank and do more damage. People who just start a game for the sake of finishing it should think twice before starting this one. This game progresses alongside you. True, the plot progress is slow-ish, but if you can endure it, you'll be more than satisfied in the end. Okay, this got a little off.

  • Drawn to Life   4 years 14 weeks ago

    I think that Drawn to Life isn't as bad as you make it seem.
    I can agree with you on the tedious gameplay- and as much as I love to draw I'm not a perfect pixel artist either. I think that the levels are fine as sidescrolling- once you play it through once, you know what's going to happen. And the bosses don't make you rage quit like other games. The ending was a little long, and stupid as well. And I HATED always going to the mayor. It's just putting a page in a book- I'd rather more levels over that.
    But what hit me most was that it's called "Drawn to Life" but it's not really drawing at all. It's just a bunch of boxes that you color in, basically. It wasn't as fun like that.
    But I enjoyed the sounds, and keep in mind that this was directed for little kids. :)

  • How Persona 3 destroyed my love for Japanese RPGs   4 years 15 weeks ago

    This game is garbage no RPGs ovverated crap

  • How Persona 3 destroyed my love for Japanese RPGs   4 years 15 weeks ago

    dude lighten up it's just an opinion, i mean i love the game to death to but if he don't like it he don't like it.

  • How Persona 3 destroyed my love for Japanese RPGs   4 years 16 weeks ago

    Yeah, they do S-links b/c many people grind to level up skills/levels in games, to do that in P3 you actually played through a story and watch a person deal with a conflict. Interesting solution, I don't think they should get rid of s-links, just alter them so they aren't so restrictive. Really, you have a cell phone and don't have the ability to call any of the 4-5 girls that like you at night? There's a movie theater, it's not open when it gets dark? There's an entire strip mall filled with eateries, none open at night. And the game acts like your choices matter, but you can't really do what you want. I like that the game doesn't hold your hand in some ways, but at the same time it really doesn't give you too much information on the finer concepts.

  • How Persona 3 destroyed my love for Japanese RPGs   4 years 16 weeks ago

    I agree, I haven't played other Atlus games besides Demon's Souls, which while good was derailed by poor level design and sub par graphics at times. As well the limit on items you could carry was ridiculous. Anyways, I'm working my way through FES and it's driving me nuts trying to get the Tower social link to happen. I think I've just totally missed the monk, and it's after I already decided to completely give up on 5-6 different social links. But, once I decided that x, y, and z s-links didn't matter it became much easier to continue. However, I do feel this is a problem with the game, you really can't get the best of both worlds. If you choose to try to get the rest of the S-links in New Game Plus it's you at level 90 in a new game, where as if you try to get all S-links in one game, well that's just infuriating.

    The net is littered with comments and questions on message boards about trying to get the max s-link run completed, it's just such an insane amount of drama for such little reward. To me, that's a lot of why JRPGs don't get the same respect they did 10 years ago in the west. Obviously the truth is more to do with domestic gaming markets changing, but there does seem to be a sense that some of the beauty of the genre is fading. I remember setting up kinights of the round and linking it to something so it did ridiculous damage, then miming that skill. If that reference makes any sense to you then the persona analogy is in FES you can make these ultimate personas. Just carefully pick how you create all the different personas and it's possible for some personas to inherit every high level spell, or every support skill, but to do it you have to select and de-select and re-select the options from a menu. You pick one persona, then another, if you don't see the skills you want you go through it again, for like 3-4 hours. That's not anything I've tried, but even with trying to get some of the most basic useful personas it can be 20 minutes of cycling through the options and that will de-rail anyones gaming session.

    But yeah, the game is full of things you wish you would have known 4 hours earlier, which gets quite annoying.

  • How Persona 3 destroyed my love for Japanese RPGs   4 years 17 weeks ago

    Hey! The timed dungeon was the only thing cool about Phantom Hourglass!

    Don't assume "people" is one big package, and Persona 3 is not a Classical-RPG. It's a Dungeon-RPG and the fact there is only one dungeon is something natural in this kind of games. I can understand the fact the author of this thread didn't like it, but it should be "How Persona 3 destroyed my love for Japanese Dungeon-RPGs" instead... And you hadn't love for it anyway.

    Personnaly, I love "calendar-setting" in a game like in Kingdom Hearts 356/2 Days or the Atelier series (I know either is considered quite boring), so of course Persona 3 and 4 have my love. It's repetitive but i find this really addictive... I just can't stop playing, that's all.

    Anyway, Dongeon RPG is not so widely appreciated you know, so when the niche have a great game like Persona 3, they tend to be really loud about it. Zelda Phantom Hourglass, on the other hand, is one of the most selling Zelda of all time. So the public is not really the same.

  • How Persona 3 destroyed my love for Japanese RPGs   4 years 17 weeks ago

    I really am. The problem is really only in the battle system in my opinion. I think I can understand what they were going for with having ai controlled characters (perhaps to emphasize that they have their own personalities?), but too many instances of horribly inefficient skill use/ spellcasting really grinds my gears. I would strongly agree with the list the anonymous user a couple below me posted, but for me it still wasn't enough to enjoy the game. I am fairly certain this is because I played Persona 4 first, and it ended up as one of my favorite games of all time. I think if anyone is thinking along similar lines to me, P3P is the way to go, I'm sure I can find a very cheap psp somewhere... but even in that case you miss out on the answer... maybe I'm being too nit picky, but I feel like I just can't enjoy this game (the ps2 version at least) no matter how hard I try.

  • How Persona 3 destroyed my love for Japanese RPGs   4 years 17 weeks ago

    Persona 3 and Persona 3 FES were the best games i´ve played until now.
    Your opinion sucks...

  • How Persona 3 destroyed my love for Japanese RPGs   4 years 17 weeks ago

    There was a "Tactics" Section so you could assign your AI Characters specifics roles such as "Heal and Support"..........Just saying

  • Chrono Cross: The Best Worst Sequel of All Time   4 years 18 weeks ago

    That game was an insult to hardcore Chrono Trigger fans like myself (I beat CT over 20 times since 1995, I still play from time to time). I still remember watching the demo back in 1999 and couldn't wait for it. In 2000, I bought it, beat it and was utterly dissapointed : no time travel, couldn't play any of the original cast members, fucked up storyline, too many characters with no depth whatsoever (quantity over quality). That game is just an ongoing trainwreck and every copy of that game is a blaphemy and should be destroyed. To me, CT and FF7 were the last great games Squaresoft produced, after that it was shit over shit. 1998 is when Squaresoft traded creativity over short term profits.

  • How Persona 3 destroyed my love for Japanese RPGs   4 years 18 weeks ago

    Well then...

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but since I'm currently in the middle of Persona 3 FES after playing Persona 4 I will give my opinion as well as what I think will clarify things for newcomers to the series. I think it's because these games are so different, they get a rep for being "hard".

    Persona 4 is really easy, super easy compared to Persona 3. The reason being they added elements to make it easier to survive and helped make grinding easier in the dungeons. For instance Teddie will always remember what floor you were on last, so saving isn't such a necessity.
    Persona 3 is unforgiving and I think in a good way. It forces the player to adopt a strategy and actually use what is given to them in the way they seem fit. In Persona 4 I would blaze through every dungeon in a couple of days, or one if I was really determined.
    You simply can't do that in Persona 3, and it's not really because of your characters getting tired either. It's because each floor in Tarturus is randomly generated, it can be a regular floor, or a trap floor and if you forgot to save in the last hour and by chance make it to a trap get the idea. I admit this is annoying, but I found out early on that if I died often without saving it was usually because I wasn't taking advantage of all the options I was given. It took a while to get a hang of it.

    Here are some tips that I found make a HUGE difference to a P3 gaming experience:

    1. When you are a higher level your characters don't get tired very often, but until you are level 30 at least, going to Tarturus every night is a bad idea. You need to keep an eye on your status, if you are grinding for hours you WILL be sick the next day and you will die a lot faster. The blocks are NOT designed to be completed in one night.

    2. All those restaurants and stat boosting activities? Use them. Focus on the ones that will help you with certain social links, or will make your Personae more powerful.

    3. USE your items. Especially the ones that keep you alive.

    4. Don't use only one Persona. Don't use only the same team members either. The game is designed in a way you will need to switch between characters and Persona with different abilities, and their levels need to be somewhat balanced.

    5. FUSE when you can, and always register Personae in the compendium.

    6. Traesto gems are a godsend. Trafuri skill is a godsend. If you think the enemies are too tough ESCAPE.

    7. The point is to move up never down. Always sprint to the boss floors if you can afford to. If you can afford to split up then split up your team, it makes getting up to the saving floors a lot faster.

    8. If you stand too long in one spot or more than 15 minutes on a floor, you will die. I learned that the hard way. If you go to a floor in which the enemies are lower levels than you it will happen faster. If your support member says she senses Death head for the stairs and you should be okay. But if you find an access point and escape to the first floor just return to the dorm and stop climbing Tartarus for that night.

    9. Scan every enemy, to exploit their weaknesses. Guardians cannot be scanned.

    10. Tarukaja, Sukukaja, Tarunda, Sukunda etc....use them, you need them.

    11. Some floors have access points to get to the 1st floor and more often than not that is the best idea. It's a lot less annoying to backtrack a few floors than to die and lose all your experience.

    12. Spend money on armor and accessories to minimize character weaknesses, you can get weapons in Tartarus that are usually better than what's for sale.

    13. DON'T go to Tarturus every night, and only go when you are feeling good or great. You can improve your status by visiting the restroom or sleeping earlier.

    14. Finally, and most importantly, don't get OCD about completing everything, and maxing out S-links on the first playthrough, the game is HUGE and it can get overwhelming quickly. Instead just focus on the focus on the S-links that you think will help the Personae you want to fuse, and focus on getting the skills and quests you need, otherwise you burn out quickly.

    As many comments that said JRPGs especially Atlus games are a lot different from the straightforward games we are used to. There are time constraints and physical constraints like in the real world. The way to beat them is to learn puzzle solving and time management skills, and not necessarily to overpower the characters. I suppose in that sense they could be called hard, but as with anything it's possible to get over the learning curve it is a very different and fun gaming experience.

  • How Persona 3 destroyed my love for Japanese RPGs   4 years 18 weeks ago

    the "message" and theme of P4 was about pursuing the truth. Weather its the truth about your self, or about the world around you and accepting it rather then living in a lie. Which came across rather fine and clear to me.

    I personally liked both the games, with only P4 a little ahead because the social links where more enjoyable. That and that all my party members where s.links. Some of the s.links in P3 where rather boring/annoying, i kept thinking that i'd rather hangout with my supposed best friend Junpei then lame ass Kenji. Which i know you can in P3P, but that wasn't the one i had. Gotta make time to get it off of PSN...*sigh*

  • How Persona 3 destroyed my love for Japanese RPGs   4 years 19 weeks ago

    I really do love Persona 3 a lot and should be trying to aggressively defend it, but yeah, Tartarus sucks and is a lazy ass dungeon design. I can't count how many times I've put down the game just because I got bored of grinding, even while playing on easy. I love the story, music, as well as some characters a lot but I really can't get past how repetitive Tartarus holy crap it sucks so much fun out of the game

  • Captain America: Super Soldier and Captain America: Super Soldier   4 years 20 weeks ago

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  • Chrono Cross: The Best Worst Sequel of All Time   4 years 20 weeks ago

    The posts from Lord of Spirits on this website talking about how much Cross failed sums up the game pretty nicely.