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  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive   7 years 23 weeks ago

    They added a community server browser months ago, and have been working on improving balance based on player input (typical Valve). Also, since you mention having gone into spectate, I take it you played Casual mode? Competitive matchmaking is quite a bit more balanced than Casual, forcing teams to trade off as T and CT, giving WAY less money so everyone doesn't AWP spam, limiting teams to 5v5... But perhaps most significantly, it all but forces players to be good sports because there are matchmaking cooldowns if you leave mid-game, and won't let new players take your place if you get kicked (only bots).

  • Trine 2: Goblin Menace   7 years 23 weeks ago

    I'm loving it so far. My daughter really enjoys trying to help with box placement or figuring out the air pipes. Beautiful game on Wii-U.

  • How Persona 3 destroyed my love for Japanese RPGs   7 years 23 weeks ago

    Soo true! The hardest games are the best, the satisfaction when you finish them
    is fantastic. I FUC*ING love your comment!.

  • Perfect Dark   7 years 23 weeks ago

    It's funny - you could have blown open that wall without the crate. All you needed was a Dragon Assault Rifle with its proximity mine secondary function. Or even gotten the explosive pistols if you'd spared the drone technician in the previous mission.

    Same thing with Chicago: Stealth. The game tells you the mission has failed if the taxi is destroyed, but you can still get a bombspy from the nearby alley dumpster and create a distraction that way.

    Yes, Pelagic II is a horrible map. (Submarine/Ship mission.) But its only 1/20th or so of the game. And ships are in real life rather confusing to navigate.

    And the voice acting is a matter of taste. Perfect Dark is a very, very British game. The actual acting itself is functional.

    Perfect Dark is an obtuse game. But the player who applies intuition and good spying skills is rewarded in spades. It represents everything lacking from modern FPS games like Halo and Call of Duty, games where you can't get lost because there's only ever one way to go - games where your team magically knows where the super-secret thingie is, and what it looks like. Perfect Dark tells you what needs to be done, then lets you figure out the best way to do it.

  • How Persona 3 destroyed my love for Japanese RPGs   7 years 23 weeks ago

    What a mad review, calm down.

  • Dark Souls   7 years 23 weeks ago

    I was like you on my first time..... but I figured out what to do and know I've beat the game seven times. It's not hard once you know what to do.

  • How Persona 3 destroyed my love for Japanese RPGs   7 years 24 weeks ago

    dude, if you droped Persona it's the same you droped one hell good Heaven, i mean yeah climbing Tartarus is kinda boring but put that asside you will experience many interesting event that most of JRPG can't, like cultular festival, New years eve, school trip, Persona 3 is the closetest Realistic JRPG i've played in my life, the story is beautiful, the MC was soooo Cool, i mean Headset, long hair that covering one of his eye, misterious.. dude that AWESOME, and if you compared it with Persona 4, come on, yes P4 have a better battle system and the story is kinda darker that P3 but personaly i think Persona 3 have a better story line, also personaly i think the MC in P3 was more Awesome and Cooler than P4 MC, you will understand how awesome was P3 MC after you completed P3 or P3FES

    and, Suikoden II is on my list of 3 best game ever made, and yes, i'm with you if it comes in Suikoden, i've played all Suikoden series and Suikoden II is the best series so far, and i think if you like Suikoden II maybe you like Persona 3, so try to play Persona 3 again

  • Valkyria Chronicles   7 years 24 weeks ago

    I've owned this game longer than you've owned your PS3. It's still sealed. :(

  • Valkyria Chronicles   7 years 24 weeks ago

    Yeah, the presentation is certainly unique. And turn-based battles can certainly take a while (especially if the game's hard and can force retries), so it's not too surprising that it could take someone a while.

  • How Persona 3 destroyed my love for Japanese RPGs   7 years 24 weeks ago

    You should give it another try on Persona 3 Portable, it makes the game a LOT easier to tolerate, you can directly control your team mates, you can easily but medicine to cure tiredness, there's more difficulty modes, etc

  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim   7 years 24 weeks ago

    Skyrim is a gorgeous game, and the simplification of certain systems brings it a mass appeal without removing the ability to customize your character and play the game in different ways. My favorite feature is the Skyrim Workshop at Steam, where you can get gameplay and graphical mods. I used mods for a lot of the shots on my site, and wish I had a better PC to utilize even more. I currently use 40!

  • Mother 3   7 years 24 weeks ago

    It is an earthbound sequel ....tell me why it wouldn't have similar structures/music to it?

  • How Persona 3 destroyed my love for Japanese RPGs   7 years 24 weeks ago

    I was unaware being a casual is something to be ashamed of.

    As for your story that's bullshit too.
    1) The game knows nothing about difficulty progression. Laughing table. Difficulty is not gradual. It spikes hard in random places. And proper use of buffs and debuffs requires adequate knowledge of fusing.

    2) As for buffs/debuffs. I disagree. The AI is terrible and you might not get the right debuff. For example a rakunda on laughing

    3) It is one of the harder jrpg's available. Requiring a lot of knowledge of ingame mechanics, well-thought out fusions and bad AI. Atlus really should make information more readily available to the player. Since a lot of bosses will require a specific type of persona. For example take laughing table. Most likely you did not get past him just by "using debuffs."

  • How Persona 3 destroyed my love for Japanese RPGs   7 years 25 weeks ago

    "It pretty much requires FAQ reading if you don't want to spend hours overleveling."

    That's a common argument from casuals who don't know how to properly use buffs and debuffs in Persona as a whole. That's just hilarious since P3 hardly requires any grinding. I've skipped the majority of fights in Tartarus and cleared the game without any problems or guides.

    "The game is too hard for people who aren't skilled" is not a good argument to prove your point.

  • How Persona 3 destroyed my love for Japanese RPGs   7 years 25 weeks ago

    iI just finished 3 FES and came across this review. Really, there are certain things in that game too repetitive (Tartarus, social link, etc), and I thought very long, so I just wanted to end soon. The story of the game is one thing that I really liked (if they had diminished playing time, could have been a good RPG, for me of course). What I really like about JRPG, is a story linaer, with possibilities of doing extras, then it would leave the game quite extensive, but in FES 3, I was forced to spend more than 100h (120h to be exact, even excluding the anwers) .

  • Borderlands 2 - Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty   7 years 25 weeks ago

    I pre-ordered the season pass as soon as it became available. I played probably an hour of Pirates Booty, and got a kick out of the Hunter S. Thompson spoof that was Shade, but having already tired of the main game I never returned to the DLC after that first effort. Sadly, I've not been motivated to play this game since last November. On the other hand, I've since played the first Borderlands half a dozen times since then. I've not touched the other 2 DLCs, not even downloaded them to my machine even though I have the rights to them. I might play it again if they ever release any new classes and would almost certainly play it again if they ever made the previous classes playable in this game. I'd love to play through the game with the Siren, Hunter, or Berserker. Also, if they fixed the weapons and improved drop rates. That would be a big help in killing the tedium too. The weapons just never get me excited for this game.

  • Dragon Ball: Origins   7 years 26 weeks ago

    I can't be one of the levels of this game! It's so hard!

  • Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch   7 years 26 weeks ago

    Yes, very awkward! Just like you, I only had to switch over to the D-Pad during the boss fight, and even then, it was hard to do because I was also trying to run away with the analog stick. Recently, I learned that you can swap between those menu items using the shoulder buttons, something that really should have been explained. Odd that it wasn't considering how much else is. Use those shoulder buttons!

  • Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch   7 years 26 weeks ago

    Did you find it awkward to make defensive combat selections with the D-Pad while avoiding being hit?

    If I'm just whacking away on an easy grind it's not a problem. If it's a tough baddie and I need to run away from one of their attacks while selecting a heal spell I found that I had to take my thumb off the move stick and let Oliver or my Familiar sit still and let them get hit while I select something from the menu system.

  • How Persona 3 destroyed my love for Japanese RPGs   7 years 26 weeks ago

    You're casual and never liked RPG to begin with.Sorry.

  • Video Game High School   7 years 26 weeks ago

    is there an actual real life equivalent to that school, or anything that comes close?

  • Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch   7 years 26 weeks ago

    It's the main reason I bought one! So far, totally worth it. Very curious to see how Ni no Kuni plays in the long run.

  • Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch   7 years 26 weeks ago

    This game seems amazing and a perfect combination, one that may even be one-shot since I'm not sure if Ghibli would be interested in making more games. If I eventually end up getting a PS3, this would definitely be on my list.

  • How Persona 3 destroyed my love for Japanese RPGs   7 years 26 weeks ago

    You forgot to capitalize "English" LOL.

  • Perfect Dark   7 years 26 weeks ago

    Just one of the Mistakes in your Text: You dont need the Box to blow a Hole in the Wall.