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  • Super Bowl XLIII   8 years 17 weeks ago

    You should bust out some Blitz, just to make sure.

  • Bully   8 years 17 weeks ago

    Well, I´m absolutely pro Bully! It´s my favourite game to play at the moment and I´m thinking of getting a Bully T-Shirt ...

  • Star Control II: The Ur-Quan Masters   8 years 23 weeks ago

    One advice, fly to pluto :p

  • The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time   8 years 26 weeks ago

    is one of the best video games every created. It has ranked in the top ten ever for years.

    Thanks for reviewing this.

    I have it on the Gamecube

  • Diablo II   8 years 28 weeks ago

    Yep, that is what I meant.

  • Diablo II   8 years 29 weeks ago

    Corpsefire is the boss of the first dungeon. That's why he was so hard to kill. Diablo 2 doesn't have discrete bosses in dungeons, just at the end of a Act.

  • Diablo II   8 years 29 weeks ago

    The Den of Evil did have a "Named" demon, which is sort of a boss. I bet he meant a boss that shows up once you've killed everyone else.

  • Diablo II   8 years 29 weeks ago

    I'm fairly sure the first dungeon does have a boss. I don't have the game installed anymore. Perhaps you could check this again.

  • Diablo II   8 years 29 weeks ago

    HELP ME! HELP! HELP ME! Time to die.

  • Ico   8 years 29 weeks ago

    Good Job

  • Fallout   8 years 31 weeks ago

    For what it's worth, the rope isn't a key item - you can buy them here and there. Hopefully you've gotten a chance to play a little more, because the fun-factor ramps up after a little while.