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  • Star Ocean: The Second Story   9 years 12 weeks ago

    I was all >.< throughout reading the review after seeing the 1 overview. Then I saw "beaten before/enjoyed immensely" so I dont have to tell you it gets to be one of the coolest PS1 rpgs created =D. I agree it is a slow start tho. On a random note it was my first rpg to have a clock go over 100 hours visually. I spent over 100 hours on my first run through FFVII as well, but that clock stops at 99:59:59 hehehe

  • Okami   9 years 12 weeks ago

    Okami is an AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING game! Sure, the first hours is a load of crap, but thats ONLY because its the beginning! I mean c'mon, Legend of Zelda takes like 5 and a half years to get through the start!
    Okami is a very nice game, and is very lengthy and fun. You can't really judge a great RPG on the first hour of gameplay. That, my friend, is irresponsible on your part and incompetent.

    Believe me, for someone who has BEATEN the game, it is no less then AMAZING. I am completely hooked on it. :)
    I give it 1000000/10

  • Super Bowl XLIII   9 years 12 weeks ago

    You should bust out some Blitz, just to make sure.

  • Bully   9 years 13 weeks ago

    Well, I´m absolutely pro Bully! It´s my favourite game to play at the moment and I´m thinking of getting a Bully T-Shirt ...

  • Star Control II: The Ur-Quan Masters   9 years 19 weeks ago

    One advice, fly to pluto :p

  • The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time   9 years 21 weeks ago

    is one of the best video games every created. It has ranked in the top ten ever for years.

    Thanks for reviewing this.

    I have it on the Gamecube

  • Diablo II   9 years 24 weeks ago

    Yep, that is what I meant.

  • Diablo II   9 years 24 weeks ago

    Corpsefire is the boss of the first dungeon. That's why he was so hard to kill. Diablo 2 doesn't have discrete bosses in dungeons, just at the end of a Act.

  • Diablo II   9 years 24 weeks ago

    The Den of Evil did have a "Named" demon, which is sort of a boss. I bet he meant a boss that shows up once you've killed everyone else.

  • Diablo II   9 years 24 weeks ago

    I'm fairly sure the first dungeon does have a boss. I don't have the game installed anymore. Perhaps you could check this again.

  • Diablo II   9 years 25 weeks ago

    HELP ME! HELP! HELP ME! Time to die.

  • Ico   9 years 25 weeks ago

    Good Job

  • Fallout   9 years 26 weeks ago

    For what it's worth, the rope isn't a key item - you can buy them here and there. Hopefully you've gotten a chance to play a little more, because the fun-factor ramps up after a little while.