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  • Sin & Punishment: Star Successor   6 years 35 weeks ago

    I was pretty skeptical about the controls but after seeing a gameplay video, it does actually seem to work out well. Props to Treasure.

  • Sonic the Hedgehog 4 - Episode 1   6 years 36 weeks ago

    Keep in mind, this is all from playing just the first Act of Splash Hill from the demo...

    I wasn't a fan. I love Sonic 3 & Knuckles, and was hoping Sonic 4 would continue from that high point, but I just wasn't getting that feel from the game at all. It felt like an odd combination of Sonic 1 and Sonic Rush, neither of which I really care for that much.

    Sonic 4 doesn't seem like a bad game (at least in its current state....the early build leaked this summer looked just awful), but it also isn't what I was hoping the series revival would be.

  • Sonic the Hedgehog 4 - Episode 1   6 years 36 weeks ago

    Reader review/blog post more or less. I met Greg in a forum he and (now) I both frequent, learned of his site, asked to join, showed him my stuff (which he seemed to like), and now here I am.

  • Sonic the Hedgehog 4 - Episode 1   6 years 36 weeks ago

    Welcome. So I assume this was just from a reader review of some sort on ign? Or are you freelance for them perhaps?

  • GoldenEye 007   6 years 36 weeks ago

    Not sure why Xenia's hair looks white in that pic, she has black hair in the game. But yes, all the character models are based on completely different people than the original 1995 cast. I miss fat Valentin...

    As for the controls, there are enough options for all three setups (mote/chuk, classic controller, Gamecube) that I think everybody can find something to like.

  • GoldenEye 007   6 years 36 weeks ago

    Every match of Golden Gun mode I've played online is a hectic kind of fun. Going after the man with the Golden Gun is so tempting, but you know you're in danger if he spots you first. I actually won a few matches without ever picking it up; leaving it on the ground and luring people in with it has been a more viable strategy for me. Likewise, as soon as you grab it, you know you're going to have more people pouncing on you than you can handle.

  • GoldenEye 007   6 years 36 weeks ago

    Golden Gun mode is absolutely worthless with only two players. Seriously. When you've got a large group, everyone will target whoever has it, so they can get points quickly but will also die quickly. When you've only got two, it's little more than a ridiculous advantage.

    Other than that, I've really enjoyed this game. It's not ridiculously overcomplicated the way a lot of FPS games tend to be nowadays, and it's got brilliant map design for the multiplayer levels. Honestly, I think that's what sets apart a good multiplayer shooter from a great one; levels like Blood Gulch in Halo just seem thrown together for the sake of being symmetrical, whereas all the maps in this game really feel like a lot of thought was put into them, with tremendous focus on balance, but still allowing for vastly different playstyles and strategies.

  • GoldenEye 007   6 years 36 weeks ago

    I have to admit, you've convinced me to try this game out. Seems pretty fun as long as the controls don't get in the way. I have great memories of the original but feel it has aged too much.

    And what did they do to my beloved Xenia Onatopp character model?!

  • Best console generation for gaming?   6 years 37 weeks ago

    For me at least, this was the peak of console gaming. I devoted more time to this generation than any other, and the majority of titles I've played (and completed) were born during this period. This era holds some of my greatest memories as a child and some of my fondest gaming memories period.

  • Best console generation for gaming?   6 years 37 weeks ago

    I withhold any vote because this is a really hard decision.

    Either 2, 3, or 4 could take it.

  • Best console generation for gaming?   6 years 37 weeks ago

    SNES/Genesis all the way. You've got the classic Sonics, as well as pretty much all of Nintendo's IPs at the top of their game (Mario, Kirby, Metroid, Donkey Kong, Yoshi, though not Zelda since OoT was better), as well as a TON of wonderful RPGs.

  • Dwarf Fortress   6 years 37 weeks ago

    Coincidentally, I just started playing this myself. It's pretty fun and surprisingly addicting.

    By the way, for the "story" you need to generate your own world and go into "Legends" mode. It will randomly (!) generate the history of the world.

  • Penumbra: Overture   6 years 37 weeks ago

    Certainly stay away from the AV experience then :P

    But yeah, and I'm going to keep playing through at least the second game. And possibly pick up their newest, Amnesia, once it's on sale again as well.

  • Penumbra: Overture   6 years 37 weeks ago

    I too grabbed the Humble Indie Bundle back when it came out...and I've only played an hour of Aquaria from it, lol. I'll definitely check out Penumbra soon. Didn't read the first hour yet (spoilers!) but it's at least encouraging that you like it enough to keep playing.

  • Star Control II: The Ur-Quan Masters   6 years 38 weeks ago

    lol, I have no idea what you mean, but I appreciate it!

  • Star Control II: The Ur-Quan Masters   6 years 38 weeks ago

    This is an excellent review and your way of seeing and describing things not only spreads joy, but also raises confidence that not everyone loses their phantasy after years with ipod and porn.

  • Assassin's Creed II   6 years 38 weeks ago

    This game is seriously one of the best I've ever played. Sure it kicks off rather slow, but this is to understand and get a better 'relationship' with Ezio, and you really do. By these small missions with his mother, sister, father, big brother and little brother you get to develop a relationship with them too, and kind of understand what Ezio will go through. Don't give up on this game; it's building up to be the best you've ever played.

  • Game Dev Story   6 years 38 weeks ago

    Agreed, I felt a bit bad that I had fired them all to bring on the uber hackers. I guess you could spend a lot of energy and money to promote and train them.

  • Game Dev Story   6 years 38 weeks ago

    Unfortunately you can only use 14 characters to name a game! Not even enough for "Finally Fantasy". :p

    As for winning, like some sim games there's a long term goal, in Game Dev Story it's just to sell as much as possible in 20 years. I guess there are some other goals like making your own console but there's nothing set in stone anywhere in this game. I'm not even sure if you can go broke, one time I went into negative and the game let me recover (just couldn't buy anything). Even after 20 years you can keep playing. So yeah, just for fun and self challenges I guess. Some achievements would have been nice for some soft goals.

  • Kirby's Epic Yarn   6 years 38 weeks ago

    Love the graphic style, but I have the feeling it might get a little old. Hopefully not though.

  • Game Dev Story   6 years 38 weeks ago

    I felt bad that I couldn't train my original staff to be good enough later on.

  • Game Dev Story   6 years 38 weeks ago

    ...will be the name of my next blockbuster game!

    Actually, this sounds like a lot of addicting fun! Here's hoping for a DS port or sequel though. I really dig the simplistic, cartoony art style, too. But the real question do you "beat" the game?

  • The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess   6 years 38 weeks ago

    Spent 48 hours on it
    8 hours was just before the first dungeon
    I play Zelda all the time but I was stuck

  • The Sims 3   6 years 38 weeks ago

    Very nice! I love the sims and your article is great!!!

  • Limbo   6 years 39 weeks ago

    You're right. I must have seen something wrong. Thanks.