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  • Limbo   7 years 30 weeks ago

    Could've got a 360 for the equivalent of $100 around the last version refresh like I did. But even now, I kinda regret getting it over a PS3 with how much they still try to screw you at every turn. Maybe you'll have to try to convince a friend to get some of the exclusives, lol.

  • Limbo   7 years 30 weeks ago

    Sometimes I think I should have gone 360 instead of PS3 just for the XBLA exclusives. Here's hoping Limbo (and Castlevania!) makes it to PSN.

    I am hesitant to jump in for $15 though. You make a good point about continual value being expected of games for home consoles. I'd probably be satisfied with a few hours of fun for $15, but it would probably feel a bit slim compared to cheaper games on the platform that provide more incentive to keep playing.

  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2   7 years 30 weeks ago

    Yeah the gore amount in this game is rather low if compared to say, GTA or Gears of War... Guess the worst if it, is the red blood flash when youve been caught by a bullet.

  • Ninja Gaiden and Ninja Gaiden   7 years 31 weeks ago

    One of these games is among my all-time favorites. The other is the bane of my existence.

  • Borderlands   7 years 31 weeks ago

    I just missed the last steam sale. Was totally bummed. I think you're right and they'll do it again. I'm waiting to finish the 4th DLC until the new level cap update hits in a couple weeks, will raise the cap to 69.......of course.

  • How Persona 3 destroyed my love for Japanese RPGs   7 years 31 weeks ago

    1. It's a feature only in the PSP version of the Persona 3, the PS2 version did not allow you to directly control your A.I. friends. You could, of course, use tactics to hint at what they should do, but I found that lacking.
    2. If real life was as repetitive and mind-numbing as Persona 3's social interaction, I definitely would have issues with it. However, selecting one friend a day to hang out with and then hopefully pick the right response to their problem so I can increase our friendship points is just lame. Also, I have no idea what you mean by "make it smarter and less hostile." Could you elaborate?

    And on the personal note, no, I don't have ADHD or any other similar disorder. I'm just a father of one plus one on the way who doesn't have time for games like Persona 3.

    I will, however, note that I am currently turning back around on my love for JRPGs as I'm playing a brilliant game at the moment: Infinite Space.

  • How Persona 3 destroyed my love for Japanese RPGs   7 years 31 weeks ago

    Dude I easily found several problems with your "review" and gaming of P3P.
    It all comes from your obvious deep issues with games(and life).

    I'm not going to waste my time with you so I'll put it simply.

    1)You CAN control the AI characters in battle(its a feature) if you want to.
    2) They make social networking part of the game to make it smarter and less hostile, if you dont like it in the game so much maybe cuz you have issues with people in Real Time?

    And on a personal note, I suspect you have ADHD, just a suspicion...Am I right??
    TAKE some responsibility for yourself instead of pushing your issues on others(and games).

  • Borderlands   7 years 31 weeks ago

    It's been extremely cheap on several Steam sales (and I'm sure it will be again in the future). I know that I'd much prefer to play it on PC personally but Greg didn't want to :P

    The base game is $20/$50 for goty with all the dlc. And the game has 4-packs available which makes it even cheaper (usually like 20-30%) if you have other people who want it too. I think it was $5-10 during the sale, so you could wait till their giant Christmas sales and see perhaps.

  • Borderlands   7 years 31 weeks ago

    I play it on the 360 but if I find it cheap for PC, I'd probably buy it there too, just to see how it plays with KB/M. So you're liking it? Awesome!

  • How Persona 3 destroyed my love for Japanese RPGs   7 years 31 weeks ago

    I have been interested in playing a Persona game since I picked up Ogre Battle 64's Strategy Guide in 5th grade. I can't remember which persona it was, but it was almost like an off-brand, kind of like Final Fantasy's crystal chronicles.

  • Borderlands   7 years 31 weeks ago

    What platform do you play this on? I'm a PC man myself, in all honesty. I just got this game for the PC and it looks so amazing! Not to mention it plays like a dream.

  • Assassin's Creed II   7 years 31 weeks ago

    This games is great.

  • How Persona 3 destroyed my love for Japanese RPGs   7 years 31 weeks ago

    After putting in about 30 hours into this game, I was thoroughly wasted by a boss. It was floor 37 and it a good amount of grinding. I find I just want to find a way to enjoy this game, but really this review has convinced there are better ways to spend my time. Maybe I'll try Ar Tonelico 2 again. Just like the reviewer said, I haven't even opened my Persona 4 and probably never will.
    What a shame.

  • Final Fantasy XIV Beta Impressions   7 years 31 weeks ago

    good article

  • Final Fantasy XIV Beta Impressions   7 years 32 weeks ago

    Yeah I could've gone on for ages about the problems in FFXI at the time we played, but I held back since that wasn't really in the scope of this article lol. I did touch on some of that a bit but yeah. Too bad it took them several years and the success of WoW to make major strides in fixing the game. And we'll see how long it takes them on 14 lol, although most of the huge issues of FFXI are no longer relevant.

    You should write an article about your FFXI experience then :P Preferably including Dino pushing you over the edge and dunes-boy dying from gobbie trains. And Aaron running in circles droppin' the bene.

  • Infinite Space   7 years 32 weeks ago

    I just started playing this myself and I had an experience very similar to yours. The game is really, really deep, a ton to wade through, but I'm honestly enjoying it. I also died when trying to rescue my sister, but luckily I turned auto-save on!

  • Infinite Space   7 years 32 weeks ago

    Great advice! I wasn't aware either that dodge lasted until your next action.

  • Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers   7 years 32 weeks ago

    There sure is a lot of innocent civilian tossing in this first hour, makes me want to play it actually! Thought your beyond the first hour footnote is discouraging. Square has been discouraging all around lately, if you ask me.

  • Final Fantasy XIV Beta Impressions   7 years 32 weeks ago

    I know you mention my name and some of my experience with Final Fantasy XI, but it really does not captivate the issues I had with that game. I don't think I've ever talked about FFXI on this site, but it was one of my worst gaming experiences ever. Awful gameplay, the requirement of grouping, de-leveling, mixed language speakers on the same server, worthless classes, bad A.I., monsters that hit you from a mile away, and I could go on.

    The only good thing that came out of my experience with Final Fantasy XI was that I managed to sell my account and game (separately) to recoup my losses. Also, there was that one incident where where my roommate spied on my in-game lover... long, funny story I might have to tell on here someday.

  • Final Fantasy VII   7 years 33 weeks ago

    I always thought Jessie was a girl.

  • Sorry for the lack of updates   7 years 33 weeks ago

    Congratulations on the new baby. That's fantastic. We had our second (both girls) in March (which also really cramped any ideas I had of writing). Two kids is a big change. Makes it a lot harder to give each other breaks. But once they start getting old enough to play together, it's amazing.

  • Sorry for the lack of updates   7 years 33 weeks ago


    jk :P

    I'm gonna try to write more, but I've also been fairly busy recently. It's more or less settling down at this point and I still feel productive so hopefully I'll be able to help more than I have been lol.

  • Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee   7 years 33 weeks ago

    I love Oddworld and bought it not long after it came out back in 1997 and now, in 2010, I'm having another playthrough of it because it's just so much fun to play. Granted, some puzzles have me swearing & cursing but they are all do-able enough to make me go back and have another shot. Oh, and by the way, it is possible to rescue ALL 28 employees at the beginning of the game because I have just done so - the stats screen in the first Stockyards screen confirms it! There are a few secret screens to discover and extra little bits all in that first part of the game.

  • Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game   7 years 33 weeks ago

    I think that's a team attack that triggers when multiple players use their taunt simultaneously (hold the weak attack button for a second).

  • Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game   7 years 33 weeks ago

    Whats that sex bob-omb screenshot all about? Never seen that before?