Okami Cover
Platforms PS2, Wii
Genre Story-slogged Adventure
MtAMinutes to Action 29
Score 2  Clock score of 2Gameplay: 3
Fun Factor: 2
Gfx/Sound: 9
Story: 6
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In a few years, Okami is probably going to be one of those games that gamers call a "work of art" but hardly any of them will actually have played it. Well, I think that's actually happening right now but someday it will be a lot more prevalent. Anyways, for those unaware, Okami is basically a Legend of Zelda game set in feudal Japan with most of your abilities being executed using a calligraphy brush. The Celestial Brush is used by holding R1 (which freezes time and grays the screen) and then moving the thumbstick around while holding down a face button to draw. Offensive slashes can be drawn with a quick, straight stroke, or you can light an enemy on fire by drawing a line from a torch to the baddie. There are a whole bunch of different strokes available by the end of the game, but I'm only interested in the first hour. Do we even get to use the brush early on or should we cross that off our list of fun in favor of something... a whole lot less fun? Time will tell and it's about to start the clock.

I actually wrote this review about two weeks ago, but since I had the opportunity to play and review Portal, this review was delayed a week!

Minute by Minute

(minutes are in bold)
00 - I select New Game and the hour begins. A girl's voice echoes: "Okami... Okami... Okami...". The story sequence begins right off. Looks like I have to press X to keep it going. The background looks hand drawn and there are cherry blossom petals falling across the screen.

01 - The game is telling me about Kamiki village and its dark secrets.

02 - Turns out an eight-headed dragon is fed a maiden every year! The village even makes a festival out of it.

Okami Orochi Moon Cave Cutscene

03 - This intro could really use some voice over narrating. Instead, I'm stuck here reading everything. Even if it was in Japanese it would be much more interesting. Anyways, the story tells me about a white wolf that kept an eye on the village around festival time. The backgrounds are scrolling along with the text, and there's silhouettes of the characters being described. Looks pretty cool.

04 - A village named Nagi tried to fight the white wolf, Shiranui. No luck though as Shiranui was very swift.

05 - Concerning the lack of voice acting again, the words are accompanied instead by a weird, computer generated sounding voice. Almost like something is being read backwards. They did this in the last few Zelda games too (another series that could use some voice acting).

06 - Turns out Nagi's girlfriend was picked to be eaten this year, so Nagi went to confront Orochi, the octo-dragon.

08 - With Nagi unable to put a dent in Orochi, it's Shiranui's chance to confront the demon. The music has a nice harp sounding to it. It sounds appropriate for storytime, but it's been going on for eight minutes now...

09 - We see some of the Celestial Brush in action warding off Orochi, first by creating wind to blow fire back in his face, and then to sprout a tree to stop his advances.

11 - Shiranui and Nagi finally team up to tumble the giant. Shiranui gives him the power of the moon or something and Nagi starts lopping off Orochi's heads with his golden sword.

Okami Amaterasu

13 - Shiranui is mortally wounded by Orochi's poison and Nagi carries the wolf back to Kamiki village. The remnants of Orochi behind them, Shiranui "falls asleep."

14 - Wow, the first story scene is over! The music has stopped and there's color! I see for the first time the artistic style this game is going to offer.

15 - Well, one story is over, and another is about to begin it appears. A 100 years have passed since the epic battle and something bad is gonna happen!

16 - Someone is stealing the sword that sealed in Orochi - they pull it out and a giant shadow serpent appears. The thief hightails it out of there as Orochi erupts from his crypt.

17 - Fires ravage the nearby area as the sky darkens. Hey, a loading screen...

18 - We're loading another cutscene. This is a more dramatic one with the music pumped up. We see Shiranui's statue in Kamiki village, protecting the small town from Orochi's evil power. "It is here the real story begins." I hope.

19 - A woman in a leaf bikini appears - Wood Sprite Sakuya the game informs me.

Okami Sakuya

20 - She throws a shield at the statue of Shiranui, causing the statue to come alive and become the white wolf! Shiranui no more though, this is Okami Amaterasu. The mother and origin of all that is.

21 - Amaterasu seems bored with Sakuya's speech. Join the club.

22 - I get a backview of Sakuya... she's got a plumber's crack in that dress! And the designers bestowed upon her Dead or Alive style physics.

23 - A little bug pops out of Sakuya's cleavage. It's Issun the wandering artists.

25 - Amaterasu pops Issun in her mouth, but unfortunately, Issun escapes and calls me furball. It should be mentioned now that you can not speed up the text at all, you always have to wait for it to slowly appear on the screen. I might only be at the 15 minute mark right now if I could do that.

27 - Sakuya morphs into a big tree with some fruit on it. Supposedly the villager's spirits are kept inside the fruit for whatever reason.

Okami Sakuya Cleavage

28 - OH MY! I finally get control! I guide Amaterasu inside the tree.

29 - I arrive inside another world. I can move around, but my actions are limited to basically jumping, dashing, and barking. Issun teaches me about saving, but no need for that in the first hour I think. It should be noted that I can kind of fast-forward through text now. Something that should have been available from the start.

31 - I bust open some pots with my head and collect Yen. Then I learn how to wall jump. I'd better learn how to double jump soon!

32 - Issun teaches me a little about using the brush. There's a broken bridge and he magically repairs it with ink! Kind of cool! This power if called Rejuvination, there are 13 brush strokes in all, one for each brush god.

34 - We look into the sky and see a constellation, but it's missing a star! I get to draw the missing star by holding R1 and pressing Square where the star should be.

Okami Celestial Brush Constellation

35 - A giant white serpent (only one head) appears. It's Yomigami, and he suffers from slow text too! Yomigami is the god of restoration. I have to seek out and reunite all the brush techniques to renew the flow of stardust... That's an odd mission.

37 - Amaterasu herself receives the power of restoration, time to use it! I scribble over some water and create a sort of liquid bridge over the cosmos below, cool! Oh, it's a river of stardust. Issun is impressed.

39 - After slowly crossing the bridge, I get an Astral Pouch. It stores food and will resurrect me if I die. But first I have to "feed" it and fill it up. I collect some fruit in the area.

40 - I enter through another shining door and into a new area. It's still perpetual night, but I'm climbing a grassy hill with Japanese architecture littered across it.

Okami Collecting Praise

41 - As I hold forward on the joystick, Amaterasu begins speeding up! There seems to be no other way to run except to keep running and eventually you'll go faster. Neat gameplay aspect.

43 - I enter a large cave and right in the middle is a big old statue of Nagi. And when I say big, this thing looks Statue of Liberty big! He's even holding up a broken sword like a torch.

44 - If it wasn't obvious what to do already, Issun chimes in: I have to restore Nagi's broken sword with my brush power. I draw a bunch of sort of straight lines and his sword returns (where did this matter appear from?).

45 - Another constellation appears above Nagi in the open air. It looks like a little mouse... well, it's some sort of rodent, Tachigami. This thing could actually be like a pikachu or something.

Okami Amaterasu Tachigami

47 - I received the power slash technique, basically a sword but wielded by my brush strokes! I slice a boulder in two. Issun finally realizes that Amaterasu is Shiranui reborn and decides to tag along for the long haul. Lucky me...

48 - Now I have to head out the way I came. There's a big orange arrow right in my face showing me the way. Why not just teleport me out of here!?

49 - Oh snap, some bad guys! I beat them up using the shield thingy on my back and my power slash.

50 - The orange arrow continues to beckon. Objects are popping in and out of view pretty quickly, sometimes it's a little distracting. Oh, another battle.

Okami Celestial Brush Power Slash

53 - I finally make it out of the stardust land, now to use my power slash on the fruit from the tree. The fruit falls and causes the whole area to blossom and green up! It's a really cool affect watching the village become alive again as grass grows, trees sprout up, and water rushes into the river.

54 - Issun makes a lewd comment about hanging out with Sakuya more, and then mentions it's time to head into the village.

55 - Too bad all the villagers have turned to stone! The game presents an orange arrow pointing toward high ground so I can get a better look at the trouble.

57 - We start into the dark sky and Issun mentions that we should draw a sun in the sky, simply by drawing a circle in the air. Preposterous! Well, I try it anyway and it works. A Japanesey sun appears in the sky lighting the area. The villagers have awoken!

Okami Drawing Sun

58 - An old guy (Mr. Orange) appears behind me with playful music playing. He's a village elder and really, really old. Seems like he recognizes Amaterasu...

60 - As Mr. Orange blabbers on, some monsters appear! I guess this is my final minute boss? Well, they go down easy and as a reward I get Praise. Praise is like a reward from your followers, makes sense. Issun tells me he's going to show me around the village, but time's up! And my epic adventure was just starting to begin... I think.

Now for some scores out of 10.

Okami Amaterasu Running

First Hour Scores

Minutes to Action: 29

Gameplay: 3
Maybe if I would have actually been able to play the game, this score would have been higher, but half an hour of tapping X doesn't really lend to a great gameplay score. The opening really could have used some voice acting too. And like I said above, even if the narrator was Japanese, it would have been exponentially more interesting. Instead we just hear some weird squawking and the clicking of my controller. My perfect opening would have been a Japanese storyteller with the words appearing across the screen without my interaction. Then I could have concentrated more on the actual story being told instead of my great annoyance at the pokiness of it all. Anyways, that's the first half hour, the second half hour actually features real gameplay using more than one button. Running around is all very Zelda-like and almost feels like a direct rip-off (wolf and all, but that's probably more of a coincidence than anything) at times, until you get to use the Celestial Brush! This weapon/tool feels so much more natural than anything a 3D Zelda ever threw at us and it's cool too! Freezing time and slicing up bad guys is fun! I just wish I had gotten a few more moves in the first hour but that's okay, the game is obviously moving at a pretty slow pace. The Celestial Brush itself pretty much earns the game 3 points in this category.

Fun Factor: 2
"This game is not fun. The first hour moves really slow. But it looks gorgeous." There's my Okami haiku, I counted hour as one syllable and gorgeous as two syllables, guess it depends on your accent. It's also a little blunt but it's time to lay it down straight. It is incredibly obnoxious to sit there and stare at the screen for 30 minutes waiting for something to happen. I was so happy when I was finally able to do something I just about soiled my Okami underwear. The text moves slow, the game feels generic (until you get the brush), and there really aren't even any colors until you get past the story section. Okami is a story driven game but usually along with a story you get interesting characters, not here. Amaterasu doesn't do much and Issun the bug is just plain Navi-annoying. Not much fun here in the first hour.

Graphics and Sound: 9
The game is beautiful. I've probably said that a few times in my reviews already, but seriously, this game looks great! The art style is so wonderfully charming and very true to the original art it is modeled after. And I can say this after only playing an hour (half hour of real gameplay) and seeing very limited environments. The music fits the mood, soft flutes and some drums to accompany the story, I didn't really notice anything noteworthy while actually playing. The sound effects work for the game, nothing special, though the "voices" are kind of annoying. But Okami's graphics are just perfect and goes to show you don't need next-gen to have a beautiful game. There are some clipping problems and the lack of even a widescreen option is somewhat disappointing.

Story: 6
Okami's story is so well developed in the first hour, it barely leaves room for anything else! Literally half of the entire hour is devoted to story time. The whole back-story seems pretty interesting and Japanesey: you have a giant, eight-headed dragon taking a maiden from a village every year until finally a white wolf and a local swordsman stand up to the monster and slay him. The problem is, after the back-story is completed, it seems like we are about to reenact the whole thing all over again, this time 100 years later. Some guy steals the legendary sword, awaking the eight-headed dragon and causing the white wolf to reappear. This is both good and bad as I think it would be really cool to kill off a giant serpent like Orochi, but at the same time, I just watched a half hour slideshow of the game doing it for me! I can't say that the first hour of Okami leaves me with a lot of confidence for the story, but if you're into Japanese culture and history, it will definitely intrigue you.

Overall: 2
Okami's first hour is probably not what you hoped for, but if it is, you are a masochist and probably imagine everyone talking in slow text bubbles as you press X on a PS2 controller tattooed on your arm. My minutes to action time of 29 is probably generous too because the first "action" consists of me using the thumbstick for the first time. I'd say the real action starts at the 49 minute mark (20 minutes later) when you finally get to fight some enemies and use your Celestial Brush offensively. But the minutes to action time is highly subjective game to game and once it gets past 10 minutes it doesn't matter too much (game designers read: you have gone on far too long at this point). The intro really ruined the first hour of Okami for me and really held the game back from exploring what gamers are interested: fun gameplay and using the brush's powers. I know they have a grand story to tell but there are other ways to tell it instead of in a giant block right after you press start. Disappointing. But the graphics are great, not sure how much they could even improve on the newer systems, though there are persistent rumors that Okami will be released on the Wii which seems like a perfect fit. (At the time I wrote this, Okami Wii was just a rumor, now it's really coming!) Time will tell, but Okami's first hour is up.

Okami Amaterasu Art Fire
me: just finished the first hour of okami
friend: zzzzzzzz
me: exactly
friend: I stopped playing it after my first hour


It is surely a good game but

It is surely a good game but to much dialogue for me. Yeah I need a tutorial, yes I need interaction with the people but then release me from my chains! That didn't happend in Okami. Zelda has the right balance. Skyrim is almost to much freedom but in Okami I never fellt "free"...stopped after the fight against some sort ninja boss fight or something like that.

What do you mean this game

What do you mean this game got a 2? It's full of awesome! No complaining, this game has ART DIRECTION of awesomeness, and you can be unnecessarily epic at times too!

We appreciate the energy, but

We appreciate the energy, but the score here is only based on the first hour of the game. And it was extremely slow and dull. The full game is much better.

I loved the first hour of

I loved the first hour of Okami. I guess some people can't appreciate the building of a story-line, and just want to jump into a game with almost no story-line and shoot things though.

I beat up on yami (and it took an hour)

i've beat the game also and know how all y'all feel and the-random-person-that-did-this-review-and-i-have-no-idea-wat-his-or-her-name-iz kinda has a point cuz he (i have a feeling this person is a guy) iz just statin' the facts. everbody has a different experience. i didnt feel bored cuz i got Okami 4 my birthday and i was so hyped up cuz I FINALLY GOT THE FLUFFING GAME!!! that i didnt give a freak if the story thingy was long or not .I JUST WANTED TO FREAKING PLAY!!! (the fact that played into my being so hyped was cuz the 1st gamestop didnt have it so i had to go to another one and it turned out that i bought the last copy...sucks for all those late fans lol>:D)....anyway be4 y'all get bored... when i 1st met Yami (yes that big fugly looking ball demon, the final boss) took awhile cuz there was sooo much dialogue. by now the hype had worn off and i sat there clicking X for a while and then i started fighting him an got all my powers back (witch 4 some reason took awhile) after that 1st part of the battle Amaterasu gets the fluff shocked out of her and loses her powers AGAIN!!! (Yami turns into a giant hand @ this point).....and then the whole everybody pray stuff with the musics playing and then BAM! Shiranui Power! and then more musics but this time im a uber powerful....and...it takes...a fucking...hour....click...SLASH!!!....roar...click...EXPLODES!!!...roAR!...click...SHINY SUN!!!...rOAR!!...click...INFERNO AND A WHOLE BUNCH OF OTHER RANDOM ATTACKS!!!...ROOOAAAAAARRRRR!!!! Yami disappears instead of explodin' his guts out......moooore dialogue and musics...issun stays behind....really long credits...presents from issun, karmic transformation, blah blah blah

ok yeah iv'e beaten okami too

ok yeah iv'e beaten okami too and its awesome so who cares if someones hating on okami its their loss and its only the first hour so chill out cuz i was bummed when it went into the whole story cuz i was hoping for some action anyways Okami gets a rating of infinty stars


Ok. The game was ruined when I saw Sakuya. Her dress is makes me uncomfortable. My parents would kill me if they saw that her plumber's crack. So yeah, I noticed that the second time I saw her... I'll try to dicuss it with my mom. It's REALLY fun though!





People who can't get through

People who can't get through the first hour of Okami obviously havn't gotten through many games in there career because COUNTLESS numbers of games have done this. And why shouldn't they? Its the easiest way to explain all the information you need to know in order to enjoy the game.

soooo true

i agree with u cuz alot of games HAVE done that but in different ways

sooo ture (continued)

were areas Zelda takes like 5 friggin years just to tell the whole story when it could have been shorter thats why thers not a lot of Zelda fans out there like Okami which got the Game Of The Year Award (haha sucks for you Zelda >:D)

everything was great about

everything was great about this game was great except the gameplay. for anyone saying this is like legend of zelda, please explain that to me. the combat system is not even remotely like Loz; and that's why i play the game. like i said this is a great game...if you like legend of zelda with no z targeting.

lemme explain how its like Loz

basically the game has some puzzles and side quests (which is helpin' characters out) and some of the puzzles involve finding stuff an puttin' it together (it took me a month to figure out i had to cut down a barrel that was RIGHT ABOVE ME!!! i didnt even notice till i went on the bride thingy!!!)

lemme explain how its like Loz (continued)

an example of one is the blockhead guy that seals some entrances to places. You have to tackle him once and it will show the weak points as white dots which you have to memorize and dot those places with your ink in order to weaken the blockhead and make it explode (if you dont get it right you wont be able to pass and blockhead stomps the ground making debris fall) get it now?

First hour reviews?

A very poor method of reviewing adventure games.

oooookkkaaaammmiiiii (lolz)

i disaggree theres a difference between 1st hour and the whole game so relax cuz its likely the author of this review played the rest of the game and liked it....btw ON NOVEMBER 11TH AT 11:11 THE WORLD WILL BE BLESSED WITH MAGIC TURTLES!!!lolz :D/iimao

I think that a lot of games

I think that a lot of games spend the first hour or so getting started and that if they are really good games at that point than they must be pretty good. That only hold true though if it has a good story.


good point i think so too

True, but..

If you can get through the first hour of gameplay, it is a fun and exciting game. :]
I love it, but just not the first hour. D:
And does anybody else get seriously annoyed when you mess up when you practice your first technique, and Issun has to repeat himself until you get it right?!?!
Ugh. Great review, by the way. Very truthful. I like your reviews very much. Original. :]

yeah i get annoyed too

i definitley cuz im like issun...SHUT UP!!!


Personally even though with all the story this is one of my favorite games. Be glad to hear that the story actually gets interesting later on, and after the first time playing the game, and in the Wii version, you can skip the cutscenes. YAY!

Great game for me, because it

Great game for me, because it is not the typicall game you play all days, this is more than others, has an extra poin with the art work, seems bored for someone, but if you want originality, this is the correct game.

game-o-the year

did u guys know it was the game of the year

Now that's a review! Thanks

Now that's a review! Thanks for sharing, man.

that is a really good review

that is a really good review i agree with you

Seems like a pretty good game

Seems like a pretty good game for me, the artwork is excellent, but there is a lot more there, no all the people likes the same games, and if this game still there is because we have interest on it.

I never play this game before

I never play this game before but i found it interesting, is not a typical game, and that is what catch my attention, i don't like to play the games that all other does, i want a special game, and this sound like this. i will try it soon as i can.

thank for the review.

Good work

Your description of the game is awesome. it is quite fascinating and fanticising and though you did not have the drive to play it beyond the first hour, i am sure that your minute by minute description of the first hour will go a long way in introducing the game to many other first timers.


One of my friends plays Okami all the time and raves about it being an amazing experience. I have seen him playing and it does look spectracular but I have not played it yet myself.

U HAV 2 TRY IT!!!! Okami is

U HAV 2 TRY IT!!!! Okami is awesome cuz i've played it and you are definitley missing out!


Okami is an AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING game! Sure, the first hours is a load of crap, but thats ONLY because its the beginning! I mean c'mon, Legend of Zelda takes like 5 and a half years to get through the start!
Okami is a very nice game, and is very lengthy and fun. You can't really judge a great RPG on the first hour of gameplay. That, my friend, is irresponsible on your part and incompetent.

Believe me, for someone who has BEATEN the game, it is no less then AMAZING. I am completely hooked on it. :)
I give it 1000000/10

i agree

im with you on this but you got oe thing wrong though...Okami IS NOT an RPG game (i hate RPG its friggin boring to me and the perfect example of that is World Of Warcraft)

Remember, just the first hour of Okami

I've beaten Okami, and while I would give the complete package an 8 or 9 out of 10, it deserves the score it gets for the first hour. Just because a game is popular or I know the complete game is good, doesn't mean it will get an extra bump here. I actually know a few people who couldn't get past the first hour of Okami.

And it's funny you bring up Legend of Zelda, because if you're talking about Twilight Princess, well, that game would probably get a lower first hour score than Okami. Ocarina of Time, however, does an excellent job introducing all the necessary elements.

The worst thing a game can do is start the game with loads of talk and conversation. That's not a game. All three of my worst first hours are guilty of that.

PLEASE stop hating on Okami

hey come on Okami is popular with alot of ppl and it won the game of the year award (you'd know this if you read the article Okami: Refusing To Paint By Numbers) it may not be as good in the first hour but the rest is speechless glory (indescribable is the word im looking for but thats an understatement)

Well then stop advertising that it sucks because it DOESN'T.

People who can't get through the first hour of Okami obviously havn't gotten through many games in there career because COUNTLESS numbers of games have done this. And why shouldn't they? Its the easiest way to explain all the information you need to know in order to enjoy the game. If they just threw you out there with the celestial brush saying go find Sakuya then you would be like WTF is this supposed to mean? I quite frankly don't care if a game throws in a 30-hour long promo at the start to get you filled in on all the information, becuase i dont judge good games by the first hour. i'd rather the producers spend the majority of there time making the game completely awesome then spend the whole time trying to make the first hour of the game look cooler to all of you nit-picky people.

yes, yes we all know that

yes, yes we all know that Okami is the definition of a gamer's dream but its just the first hour
the review specifically said it was only first hour and not stating opinion on the whole game wat part of that dont you ppl get?
like i said down below, dont explode over it

Further thoughts

Look, if you don't like my reviews, then don't read them. I specialize in a certain type of review, and I don't plan to change. I'm especially not advertising that a game sucks. Okami does not suck. Okami's first hour sucks. There is a big difference, but it is the truth.

I also respectively disagree that Okami wouldn't have made sense if you were just given the brush right away. Is it really necessary to know absolutely every background detail about the world the moment you start the game? I would say no. You may not agree, and I understand that, but sometimes games just have to let you play. Getting the brush right away wouldn't have changed anything. It's not like the brush really had anything to do with any of the opening scenes anyway except for one part that I can remember.

If you have to have some kind of confirmation that Okami is a good game or your world will be shattered, please read IGN or Gamespot or the countless of other video game review websites out there. Here are a few links:


I would welcome you to write your own first hour review of the game if you'd like, or a complete review of the game. If it's well written, I will post it giving you credit. I don't set out to destroy a game's reputation or anything so sinister, please understand that.

im with ya

i agree with you on this cuz when i played i was sooo hyped up cuz i finally got the damn game and it was the last copy cuz i had to go to another gamestop to get it (the hype wore off cuz the first hour was kinda boring) but the rest of the game was pure glory (hav u played the rest of the game?)

Thank You

Thanks for apologizing. Not like you did anything wrong but Okami was awesome for me, a girl who likes games but cant find anything I really like. Thanks again.

im just like you (i hate the

im just like you (i hate the call of duty series)

You don't put ANYTHING good

You don't put ANYTHING good about the rest of the game or how your review is totally wrong about how it sucks in your review. Now, I know this is the first hour of the game, but could you at least consider the rest of the game in here. People who read this will probably assume that from this 'first hour review' the whole game sucks.
And no i'm not doing a first hour review of this game because first hour reviews are idiotic. You can't judge a game by the first hour.


dude CHILL OUT! its just the first review and Okami already has a whole jubilee of fans (and counting) besides its likely the guy played the rest of the game and liked it cuz he (i hav a feeling the authors a guy) may have done some research of the game and then played Okami AND THEN wrote the review. everybody has different opinions and experiences differently...dont explode over it


Get over it man~

*Also Yawns (its contagious)*

come on ppls really? might as well have magic turtles falling from the sky~

Get over it

If you think first hour reviews are idiotic then why are you reading this site in the first place?

The site is clear about this being a review of the first hour of the game, not a judgement of the full game. And, despite what you say, there are actually quite a few positive notes in the review at any rate.

I, like yourself, think Okami is a fantastic game - but I'm not going to get all wound up because someone else had a different impression of the first 60 minutes (which I actually quite enjoyed myself). I've never understood this kind of rabid response to reviews... so your opinion is different, fine. Don't take it so personally.


i thought the comment about Sakuya being in a leaf bikini was funny as hell


wats the point of reading this if yur just gonna hate on the author? and he probably feels bad cuz u said that (srry dont mean to be im just saying)

Actually this review made me like Okami!

Before I bought the game, I read a lot of reviews saying Okami was great... So when I started playing it I was very disappointed: did I really had such a different taste in games? I had read everything about Okami, except for this review, and everyone said it was awesome.
So I searched again the net and found this website, and here I found my answer: all those other reviews were talking about the game not caring about the first hour of play!
I probably would have continued playing anyway, but now I'm really reassured about the fact that I will most likely appreciate this game.

have u read the review

have u read the review article Okami:Refusing To Paint By Numbers?

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