The First Hour Podcast - Episode 3

Welcome to the third episode of The First Hour Podcast! In this episode, Paul and Greg wrap up Mass Effect 2, talk Sonic games, and more!

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should've gone Tali

should've gone Tali

wait was that calc2 the class

wait was that calc2 the class you were supposed to have failed but got free grades cause he liked your name? >_>

Calc 1

That was calculus 1.

T.A. while passing out papers:
"Greg Noe? Haha, that's like Dr. No from James Bond, cool."

I got an AB in that class when I thought I would get a C.

Calc 2 was where I failed the first two exams and got an A on the last two... I didn't play any video games the second half of that class.

Ah yes, because that was the

Ah yes, because that was the one Zhang kept taking lol

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