The First Hour Podcast - Episode 9

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This week Paul and Mike discuss how addictive StarCraft II is, playing more Dragon Quest IX, Metroid: Other M, and more! Enjoy the show!

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Good discussion as always

Interesting to hear you bought Ivy the Kiwi for Wii. I tried a demo of the DS game. It definitely has that Kirby Canvas Curse vibe, and I loved Canvas Curse. I haven't quite warmed up to it, but it's something to consider buying.

I liked the discussion about the Metroid series as well. It's important to note that most of the major changes and decisions (Wii remote-only controls, cinematic storyline) were decided by Sakamoto (Nintendo's Metroid guy) rather than Team Ninja, who mostly just developed the 3D assets and combat system. I read one of those Iwata Asks interviews with the Sakamoto, the Team Ninja head, and the guy in charge of the game's FMV scenes and the Metroid guy was the head honcho, for sure. You can sort of see a shift towards that cinematic storytelling style in Fusion and Zero Mission, which he was also in charge of.

I've got a First Hour of Other M going up on Monday, and a full review shortly after that.

Good Point

I didn't mean to imply that Team Ninja was at fault for those strange decisions, but I guess it did come across that way a little. Team Ninja might have been this game's saving grace, after all.

Call to Power

There is no way the Call to Power series is better than Civilization 2. The real gang went on to make the best Civilization game after Civ 2, Alpha Centauri! Play that!

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