Games for Lunch calling it wraps

In a bit of sad news, Kyle Orland's original one hour gaming blog, Games for Lunch is on official hiatus.  Kyle started Games for Lunch about a month or so before I founded The First Hour (to both my surprise and dismay at the time, complete independently) and has just written his 500th first hour review before heading into limbo.  Kyle relied on other gaming sites to pay for his five(!) reviews a week and that has all dried up.  We here at The First Hour were never quite as ambitious, so going from making nothing to making nothing wouldn't affect us as much.

With Kyle finished, The First Hour is part of a very small group of sites still writing anything like a first hour review.  Game Trailer's Hour One only made it through five videos before seemingly giving up, but Kotaku Australia still publishes them periodically.  Here's hoping a few other sites give it a try in the future.

We still plan to chug along though as I have no plans to quit.  I've got a couple of games in my queue to write first hour reviews for, and our team of seven other writers always have things cooking up.  If you have any suggestions on games to play, drop me a line at