E3, Backloggery, and my new era of mobile gaming

e3 LogoE3 2011 is upon us, and while we aren't doing our full blown E3 prediction articles along with daily updates, we are still mighty excited about it. Nintendo's new console will be revealed and we'll hopefully see some new and exciting games for existing consoles including the 3DS, Kinect, and Move. I'm personally looking forward to taking in all the Mass Effect 3 details I can, and will probably be refreshing my Twitter feed (chock full of game developers) every few minutes.

I'll just take a quick moment to lay out some of my simple predictions that I haven't thought very hard about. Someone at Game Informer suggested that Zelda: Skyward Sword would be delayed/moved to the new Wii console, this seems to make sense, but I'm betting on a dual-system release like we saw with Twilight Princess. Yeah, you could buy Skyward Sword on that old Wii and play in 480p, but over here we have high definition Zelda running in 1080p with the touchscreen controller.

We have to assume that Microsoft is providing some big incentives to publishers for putting some kind of Kinect support in their game. Mass Effect 3 seems all but confirmed to feature it somehow, executive producer Casey Hudson tweeted in response to the rumors the other day that his arms were tired from flying the Normandy into the Citadel. Hopefully just a cruel joke, but now that the game will be releasing simultaneously on the PlayStation 3, any new gamers to the series will need to be convinced to play on the Xbox 360. It's assumed that everyone else will play on their Mass Effect 2 system of choice since their Shepard will be transferring over.

As for Sony, with PSN being down for over a month and millions of users' personal information stolen, I would think they would play this E3 rather conservatively, but that will be difficult to pull off with the NGP launching within the year. The few screenshots I've seen from their new portable system look mighty impressive, but they cannot make the same PSP mistakes all over again. And guys, show us some Last Guardian footage, geez.

On a completely unrelated note, the site Backloggery.com is now accepting new registrations. If you feel yourself overwhelmed by the sheer number of games you want to play, this site is probably for you. Registration has been closed for at least half a year as the developer rewrote everything to better manage the number of users on the site. For keeping track of what has been played and what needs to be played, Backloggery seems like the place to be. Find me there at http://backloggery.com/firsthour.

Finally, I bought an EVO 4G Android phone in April and finally understand why a few analysts are predicting cell phones including the iPhone may very well be the death of the traditional handheld system. Since receiving my phone, I haven't played my DS Lite once. I'll admit that there are very few new games out there that are intriguing me and my lack of a 3DS doesn't help, but I've been more than entertained by my phone.

The types of games available are pretty different, instead of games like Dragon Quest IX or Radiant Historia, I'm playing Angry Birds and Plants vs. Zombies, but the effect is just the same: I'm still having fun. No, I won't be ditching my DS forever, the lack of real buttons is kind of annoying for some games (and the Xperia phone from Sony? Yeah, it's from Sony, enough said these days). Looking forward to seeing how Nintendo responds with their new 3Ds eShop.