Mobile Minute: Knights of Pen & Paper, Androminion, and Triple Town

Knights of pen and Paper Banner

I've been distracted by life's other bits the last couple of weeks, but there's pretty much always time to play games on my phone. I’ll spend a minute writing about each game, hopefully summarizing my thoughts as quickly as if I were telling you about a mobile game in person.

I covered Super Hexagon last go around, and have since played it on the PC, and I have to say the experience is a lot better on the big screen. It's definitely fun on the go, but I managed to reach 60 seconds on Hard on my second attempt using my keyboard.

Knights of Pen & Paper

I could write a ton about Knights, but it’s basically a simple replication of the Dungeons and Dragons experience, including the room you play in with sadistic DM and lazy friends. As you add heroes to your party, new people will actually sit at your table. Battles are very configurable, being able to add enemies to the field to adjust the difficulty, and there’s just a constant stream of nerd humor flowing at you. A must-have for anyone like me who ever wanted to play D&D but was never invited.


And for those times when you want to play the card game Dominion but don’t want to break out your entire briefcase of cards, Androminion is the game to try. It’s a very faithful, if incredibly dull and boring looking replication of the very fun party game. There’s no multiplayer, but there are a couple of artificial intelligences supposedly programmed to play differently. This version is probably most useful for learning the ropes of the game and all the different cards in between proper play sessions.

Triple Town

I had heard great things about Triple Town, a three-in-a-row matching game with a few extra levels of gameplay on top of it, and while it certainly can be very fun, I’ve grown bored of it after only a few hours of play. The basic objective is to match three pieces of grass in a row to make a bush, three bushes to make a tree, three trees for a house, and so on up until you have floating castles. Oh yeah, you trap three bears together to make a church. Kind of weird.