Psychonauts: An Audio Visual (Half) Experience

This Psychonauts Audio-Visual (half) Experience contains and displays some of the vibrant, shiny, brilliant, and clever content that exists throughout the game.  Unfortunately, due to a variety of bugs that caused me crashes, missing graphical layers, strange periodic muted dialogue, control irregularities, memory leaks, and crippling fps drops, I did not have the heart to continue or even play the game for significant time each session.  But there is no question that the game itself has heart and some clever, varied visual design, thus here we are...


Psychonauts 01 Title



Psychonauts 02 Razputin Waking



Psychonauts 03 Hazy



Psychonauts 04 raz Cruller Smoke



Psychonauts 05 raz Smoke Mind



Psychonauts 06 raz Bunks



Psychonauts 07 Menu



Psychonauts 08 Camp



Psychonauts 09 Dogen Squirrel



Psychonauts 10 Dogen Squirrel Boom



Psychonauts 11 Ladder



Psychonauts 12 Ledge



Psychonauts 13 Ramp



Psychonauts 14 Slide



Psychonauts 15 Goggle Power



Psychonauts 16 Coach Projection



Psychonauts 17 Double Jump



Psychonauts 18 Figment Discription



Psychonauts 19 sad Baggage



Psychonauts 20 Happy Baggage



Psychonauts 21 Chasm



Psychonauts 22 Coach Projection Again



Psychonauts 23 Climbing



Psychonauts 24 Dogen Minefield



Psychonauts 25 Aircraft Fire



Psychonauts 26 Firing Range



Psychonauts 27 Tightrope Chasm



Psychonauts 28 Sparce Platforms



Psychonauts 29 Hidden Theatre



Psychonauts 30 Agent Nein



Psychonauts 31 Voice Lady Cart



Psychonauts 32 raz Meets Ford





Psychonauts 34 Band



Psychonauts 35 More Tightrope



Psychonauts 36 Collective Unconscious





Psychonauts 38 Gypsy Caravan Mind





Psychonauts 40 Milla Vodello



Psychonauts 41 Milla Children



Psychonauts 42 Milla Monitor



Psychonauts 43 Disco Ramp



Psychonauts 44 Disco Ladder



Psychonauts 45 Disco Ball







Psychonauts 47 Danger Immunity Ball



Psychonauts 48 Door Production



Psychonauts 49 Bubble Draft Flight



Psychonauts 50 Party



Psychonauts 51 Lake



Psychonauts 52 Mental Canoe



Psychonauts 53 Cult Children



Psychonauts 54 Trees



Psychonauts 55 Dogen Brain Chute



Psychonauts 56 Ford Cruller Aural Appendage



Psychonauts 57 Splelunking



Psychonauts 58 Fuzzy Sucker



Psychonauts 59 Lungfish Inhaling





Psychonauts 62 red Dangly Lungfish



Psychonauts 63 Lungfish Mental Doorway



Psychonauts 64 Lungfishopolis Radio



Psychonauts 65 Razputin Godzilla



Psychonauts 66 Relentless Goggalor





Psychonauts 68 Tower Scaling





Psychonauts 70 Passive Lake



Psychonauts 71 Paranoid Gatekeeper



Psychonauts 72 Crescent Moon



Psychonauts 73 Brainless Children



Psychonauts 74 Cruller Shell Storage