Best console generation for gaming?

Xbox 360, PS3, Wii
24% (56 votes)
Xbox, PS2, Gamecube, Dreamcast
30% (70 votes)
PS1, N64, Saturn
19% (45 votes)
SNES, Genesis
22% (52 votes)
NES, Master System
3% (7 votes)
Atari, Coleco, Intellivision (pre-NES)
2% (4 votes)
Total votes: 234


Genesis fan~

SNES/Genesis (doubly so if you include the 32X and SCD).

What the guy above said (only with added Zelda, because I hate OoT for naming the first song "Zelda's Lulliby", which was the name of the intro theme to LoZ2, which is my fave.).

Also, it was the golden age of RPGs (DS is making a comeback, but it's hard to beat what's been done...). Phantasy Star 2-4, FF4-6 (2 and 3 in the States), Shining Force, Warsong, and Bahamut's Lagoon for S/TRPGs, as well as Lunar (SCD). Crusader of Gency heads up the ARPG titles for me, and it's certainly no slouch, and... oh, the list is endless.

Shmups, beat'em'ups (YAY MIKE HAGGAR!), and the beginning of competitive console fighting games... ah

Part of it is nostalgia, and I'm quite aware of that, but it was a time when gameplay ruled design law, instead of prettiest or flashiest. Games were aimed at those who loved them and who strove for perfection. This was the time when games were aimed at me. I miss it!

SNES, Genesis

For me at least, this was the peak of console gaming. I devoted more time to this generation than any other, and the majority of titles I've played (and completed) were born during this period. This era holds some of my greatest memories as a child and some of my fondest gaming memories period.

I withhold any vote because

I withhold any vote because this is a really hard decision.

Either 2, 3, or 4 could take it.

SNES/Genesis all the way.

SNES/Genesis all the way. You've got the classic Sonics, as well as pretty much all of Nintendo's IPs at the top of their game (Mario, Kirby, Metroid, Donkey Kong, Yoshi, though not Zelda since OoT was better), as well as a TON of wonderful RPGs.

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