The First Hour Podcast - Episode 8

.net/images/Epsiode 8 of The First Hour Podcast, the only official podcast of!

This week Greg and Paul discuss Dragon Quest IX, voice acting in video games, Mafia 2, BioShock Infinite, and more! This is a game filled podcast that you can not miss.

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Nolan North and Scott Menville

It's nice that they acknowledged that hearing a familiar voice takes you out of the game. Something else about Mafia II's voicework takes me out of the game, though...

Also, same deal with Robin/Tales of Symphonia. That was also my first "Wow, these two characters have the same voice!" moment that I can remember.

Good discussion, I enjoy listening to these more than most gaming podcasts. What's that noise in the background, though? It was hypnotic during that pause when Greg was catching his train of thought, lol.


Yeah, I looked up both those voice actors later. Sorry about the noise in the background, I'm not sure how that got through.

I really like the art style

I really like the art style of Bioshock Infinite. And also need to play the original >_<

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