The First Hour Podcast - Episode 6

.net/images/Episode 6 is finally live! Paul chats with Greg, Mike T. and Ian Bagley; it's guaranteed* to be a fun time.

We take a look at getting good deals on older games, discuss retro gaming goodness, and take a look at Greg's review scoring system. Also talk about Fallout 3, Cave Story, NBA Jam and more!

*guarantee does not extend to any who may not enjoy this episode for any reason.

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Theme Music

Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island '2001 ElasticNewYear' - djpretzel


Cool podcast

Nice and brief but plenty of discussion going on, great stuff.

Cave Story - I played it on PC over winter break and liked it a lot. Enough so that I decided Pixel deserved my money, so I bought it when it came to WiiWare. Haven't put much time into the WiiWare version, nice to see it getting some recognition, though.

NBA Jam - Yes please. It's coming to PS3 and 360 now as well, so I'll have to decide which version to grab. The arcadey nature fits the Wii perfectly though, but it's usually the case that the HD version will end up better.

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