First Hour Podcast - Episode 1

Welcome to the first episode of the First Hour podcast! In this premier episode, Paul and Greg discuss the site's origins, discuss The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks, and argue about the Nintendo 64's library of games.

Please leave us your feedback! We've been listening to podcasts for years but this is our first time actually producing one.

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I generally don't listen to

I generally don't listen to many podcasts, but I'm gonna give this a shot later on. Might make excellent background chatter while I tidy up a review.

please stop!

Use text. Written text. It is infinitely better than audio or video.


I can agree that downloading and listening to a 42-minute conversation/interview is at best, a small inconvenience and it may not be the content you're looking for either way. So if you're say, someone coming here MWF for purely gaming content, I can understand how you could be disappointed. And if that was the case, I might recommend putting it as an extra article, whether on a main day or some other.

But if you're just opposed to the conversation/interview being audio rather than text, unfortunately there is no better way to do it. Proper transcribing of audio is a very lengthy and difficult process. And then we wouldn't be able to get as much content out. If it is a technical issue, I am sorry, but apparently podcasts are very convenient for many people (although I never listen to them personally).

If it is a whole dislike of audio and visual content, you should be happy to know that the vast majority of the content on the site is still text (granted, with a limited amount of pictures). However, I personally feel that properly done audio/visual content can vastly improve the reviewing and viewing experiences and am very interested in using those mediums to the utmost. Perhaps this is amplified by the fact that many of the games I play are more non-traditional, leading yourself to an Experience rather than the game taking you through and telling you what to see.

30+ minutes of audio/video is

30+ minutes of audio/video is not better than 5-10 minutes of reading. Audio/video take significantly *more* time than text does. These might be consumable if they were limited to no more than 10 minutes. But asking for someone to devote that much time to one is ludicrous.

At the very least, please keep the talk about the video games (ie, the reviews and discussions) themselves to the text.

The podcast will not be replacing any content....

For example, on the podcast we talked about Spirit Tracks, but a full (written) review of the game is still going to be published on the site. So you're not going to be missing anything by not listening to the podcast.

The actual first hour and

The actual first hour and full reviews will always be text, I do have some supplemental audio for a future review that's coming up, but it's of course, entirely optional. If we do video or audio content in the future, it'll hopefully present the game and our thoughts in a way that just isn't possible in text. See Steve's Outrun video for a great example.

We're also not asking you to drop everything to listen to the podcast, when I listen to them, I'm always doing something else. I also listen to them at higher speeds so a 30 minute podcast turns into 15 minutes or so.

Thanks for your input though, you have spurred a great discussion.

Good Points

Good point Steve, we may look at publishing future episodes of the podcast on another day, so there's no interruption of our normal content.

A second good point; if you actually listen to the podcast, there is no way some of the things we talk about would make sense as a written post. That's part of the point of the podcast in the first place. Another purpose is for those people who may not have time to read a full-length article, but could listen to the podcast while doing something else.

Got us thinking

Great points everyone, we'll try to get these up on our "off days" (Tuesdays, Thursdays, and the weekend) in the future.

Don't worry

We still plan on writing as much as ever. This is just going to be a bi-weekly or monthly thing at the most.

I appreciate the input though, we're just trying out different methods of delivery. Some writers want to record videos and we've all had an interest in a podcast for a while.

I love the idea of a podcast

I downloaded it to my MP3 player this morning and was going to listen in the car on the commute to work but forgot to grab it on the way out the door. I was disappointed that I couldn't listen to it.

Podcasts are a great way to get gaming info/conversation on the go. Since I can't read while I drive, podcasts are about the only way to scratch that gaming itch in the car. Some days, when I'm too busy with wife/dogs/kid/work to get online and read, I can actually keep up to date by listening to the "right" podcasts. Plus, podcasts allow an increased amount of author personality. For the sites that I really like to read, I love to actually hear the guys thoughts on stuff in the informal setting of a podcast. You can a different (not necessarily) better feel from them than you could from the written word.

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