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2012 Game of the Year Awards - Day Two

Game of the Year Awards

Game of the Year

Announcing the 2012 Game of the Year Awards from First Hour!

Day Two features Guilty Pleasure, Best Surprise, Worst Surprise, and Shame of the Year Awards!

Dear Esther

Audio-Visual Experience

Dear Esther CoverI first became aware of Dear Esther on the day it was released, as news passed that it recouped its Indie Fund investment in a mere six hours.  Somehow, I entirely missed word of the game prior to that, but as I read more, I knew I had to play it.  While it will take multiple playthroughs to obtain the game's full experience (due to semi-randomized dialogue), I came away a bit underwhelmed by the game.  I normally eat up intentionally vague/confusing dialogue-based stories, but this story seems a bit more pedestrian than most (even if the vagueness fully makes sense within the story).  But this in no way takes away from the game's other draw; its relentlessly gorgeous handcrafted visuals, with each frame packed in detail.

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