World of Goo

World of Goo
World of Goo Cover
Platforms Windows, OSX, Linux, WiiWare
Genre Brain Gooing Puzzler
MtAMinutes to Action 1
Score 9  Clock score of 9Gameplay: 9
Fun Factor: 10
Gfx/Sound: 10
Story: 3
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World of Goo is a 2D puzzle game for the PC, Mac, Linux, and WiiWare released last year. It was independently made by 2D-Boy and has been a huge hit across the board. The goal of the game is to get the required number of goo balls into each level's pipe. You use the goos to build bridges, towers, and anything else you can imagine and construct. The game's impressive physics are really its highlight, but it doesn't slack in any other areas either.

World of Goo is available in a box, as a direct download, and even over Steam. As you'll see, this game's first hour is so good you'll want to go right out and buy a copy, so don't complain when you can't find it anywhere!

Minute by Minute

(minutes are in bold)
00 - I select Chapter 1, "The Goo Filled Hills" and the first hour of World of Goo begins. There's some exciting music playing in the background! I'm on something of a level select map now, reminds me of Super Mario World. The first level is "Going Up," I select it. A giant sign gives me instructions, "Drag n' drop to build to the pipe."

01 - Seems easy enough. I build a tower by dragging some goos and creating a taller structure. Nine goos get sucked into a vacuum, I only needed to collect four. Continue!

02 - The next level is "Small Divide." Hey, there's a clickable signpost here... a message from the Sign Painter about what the goos are thinking about. Odd.

03 - Hey cool, in that level I had to build a bridge of sorts with the goo balls. The bridge started falling down into the pit as I built further to the right, but it caught on the edge luckily! Saved 14 gooballs. Now I'm in a snowy level, I have to build almost straight up, and there's a bunch of sleeping goos on the ground.

World Of Goo Going Up Pipe

04 - Rescue the sleeping goos first, they can't be a part of the structure until they can "travel" on it first.

06 - Pretty easy! The sign told me they were albino goos! Now that's funny. 14 saved again!

07 - Some kind of weird cutscene plays that tells me the World of Goo Corporation is open. What's that? Man, the drawings in that were kind of creepy.

08 - "Impale Sticky" tells me I can pop a time bug to go back in time. What is this, Braid?

World Of Goo Overworld Map

10 - Woah, this level has some kind of like chainsaw on it that keeps destroying my goos!

11 - I beat it, but I didn't save enough goos... only collected 22 of 26. Too many were destroyed by the saw. Even when you're carrying them with your mouse you have to be careful, tougher than I imagined.

12 - The music is epic though.

14 - All right, my second attempt when almost twice as well, I saved 36!

World Of Goo Impale Sticky

15 - I now have two different paths I can take on the level select map, I'll go the low road, to "Ivy Towers." Wow... I have to build really high on this stage, luckily I have sticky goos to help me stick to the two walls. And I only need to save two.

17 - Oh, I don't think they're necessarily sticky, but they are reusable. Even better!

18 - All right, I've saved the mandatory two, but I think I can get a lot more... let's try. Oh, I only got up to nine before my structure collapsed down the shaft.

20 - After every level, you get to see how many goos were required, how many you saved, how many moves you performed, and how much time it took. I like all the stats.

World Of Goo Final Stats

21 - Holy cow, the next level is called "Tumbler" and basically my goos are in a giant rock tumbler! The structure keeps falling down and the pipe is way on the top. This could be tough, but fun!

23 - That wasn't so bad, I even saved 25 of them! And it was fun.

26 - In the next level, I had to create temporary ladders with green goos to rescue a bunch of black goos, and then create another ladder going up to the vacuum pipe. Not bad, I even saved 24. I think I only missed two.

27 - No more levels on the bottom path at the level select, to the top path! In this level... we have balloons! Goo balloons!

World Of Goo Balloons

29 - Okay, that was really easy but awesome! Red balloons lifted a black goo made crate to the vacuum! I don't think you can rescue red balloon goos though... how sad.

30 - The next stage is named Fisty's something, I was so distracted by the word Fisty I missed the next. In this level we have a giant frog, lots of spikes, and some red balloons. Oh, don't forget the huge gap to cross!

32 - I had to create a very long bridge with no vertical support beams, so I had to use the balloons instead. It was a balancing act trying to keep the bridge from crashing into the water and the balloons from popping in the spikes above.

33 - "Tower of Goo" is the name of the next level, and as you can guess, you just build straight up. First things first, a solid base. First horizontal, and then vertical.

World Of Goo Raining Goo Balls

37 - She definitely started swaying there near the end, but we made it, 36 collected out of 25 necessary. I bet someone good could get a heckuva lot more.

38 - What looks like to be the final level of Chapter 1 becomes available, "Ode to the Bridge Builder." Wow, this is a beautiful level. There's a sunset in the background, and all we can see is the silhouette of everything... wow.

42 - Tough, but amazingly awesome. I had to retry once, but I don't care, that was sweet. And look at that, there's one more level. "Regurgitation Pumping Station."

43 - We're in lke a sewer, green goos are floating in the water. I have to climb my way out of here I guess.

World Of Goo Sunset Ode To Bridge Builder

46 - All right, just past the first challenge of this level. Had to escape the sewer water by carefully building a tower up, avoiding the chainsaws, and getting the tip of my tower stuck on these rotating balls that flung the structure upwards. Some of the goos got chucked off, but it appears I can still go and get them if I need them later.

48 - I don't even see a vacuum... do I just keep going? Oh, there's like these white eyeballs that serve as balloons. Tricky.

49 - As my goo structure floats away, some text crawls by, explaining that the goo balls knew they would never be back. That was a fun first chapter!

50 - I think I'll check out the World of Goo Corporation before I move on to Chapter 2. Extra goo balls get sent here. A giant button says I need to connect to the internet... okay. Connected. I see a bunch of clouds floating around, each cloud is someone else's tower... So you just build a tower as high as you can? Sounds neat.

World Of Goo Corporation Main Menu

58 - Haha! Okay, I'm back. I was just working on building my goo tower, which is actually pretty fun, but I think it would get really frustrating the higher you get. It seems that the only efficient way to build a stable tower is to build a wide, solid base and build up evenly from there. Lots and lots of triangles.

60 - I'm trying out the first stage of the second chapter now, "Drool." Oh neat, we get a brand new goo, it's like a raindrop! You only need to attach it to one other goo, so you can dangle them straight down, interesting. I link a few raindrop goos and pick up a herd of green goos at the bottom of the level. Saved! And that's the end of the first hour of World of Goo.

Time for some scores out of 10.

World Of Goo Now Open

First Hour Scores

Minutes to Action: 1

Gameplay: 9
I've never been a huge fan of puzzle games, but World of Goo is something different. You're still solving the puzzle of going from point A to point B with the stuff you're given, but the physics, ease of use, and awesome level design make World of Goo stand apart from the rest. Click and drag a goo to make a new link, it should be that easy and it is. One issue with this though, and that is when you have a lot of loose goos on a smaller structure, it's really, really hard to grab an existing linked goo that's underneath all the rest. I really wish the developers would have allowed you to right click or something to specify the bottom goo, oh well.

Fun Factor: 10
This game feels like it's been around for years, the kind of classic you dig out every few years to experience again and again. That may sound weird but World of Goo is so refreshing. It's lighthearted, funny, dark, and difficult! I had a big grin on my face while playing, and my infant is intranced with the game. That right there gets a 10 from me!

Graphics and Sound: 10
World of Goo looks really slick and has a beyond amazing soundtrack. All the goos are extremely well animated and they all look like individuals... it's weird, but wowed me. I particularly like it when a goo is destroyed by something and it drips away into oblivion. The levels are very cleanly designed and there's never a question about what something is. And the music is so epic. There's big bass drums and some songs will give you goosebumps! They really add to the current level you're on, giving you that kick in the pants that you're about to pull off something amazing.

By the way, the soundtrack is free to download from their website!

Story: 3
Is it just me, or do indie games just try to be flash-animation weird with their story sometimes? World of Goo doesn't need a story, but it seems to have at least one. Sometimes you see these ugly people that look nothing like the rest of the game show up and do something weird, and then you have the story in the signposts... which isn't much of a story either. Kind of annoying actually.

Overall: 9
Pretty much a near perfect first hour from World of Goo, just a few weird things here and there that irked me enough. Don't let this stop you from playing this game though! The first hour rocks and I'm willing to bet the rest of the game is just as amazing. I've been having absolutely great luck with the indie games I've been playing so far, hopefully the last one is just as good!

World Of Goo Corporation Tower