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  • Infamous 2 - Video   7 years 22 weeks ago

    Looks like a great game, I played the first one for a bit, enjoyed what I did.

    But what's the opening? What awestruck you to such hatred? We must know!

  • The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening   7 years 22 weeks ago

    I interpreted "knocking enemies back" and "pushing them out of the way" to be two very different concepts. :P

  • The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening   7 years 23 weeks ago

    I'm always quick to mention that I don't hold the Zelda series as high in regard as most seem to, and yet I always come back for more. Guess I'm just a hypocrite. But c'mon man, even I figured out the sea urchin push right away!

    I too bought Link's Awakening from the 3DS' eShop last week and am playing through it for the first time. I'm enjoying it a lot more than I expected to, and I think I would put it on top of my Zelda pile at this point. It'll be interesting to play Ocarina of Time (on 3DS) next week for the first time in over a decade, having just played Link's Awakening.

  • The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening   7 years 23 weeks ago

    02 – ...I'm told I'm able to knock enemies back with it...


    16 – Oh. You can move the Sea Urchins around by holding down the shield button and pushing against them. Yeah, that might've been handy to know about eight minutes ago.

  • The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening   7 years 23 weeks ago

    This is one of my favorite Zelda games, probably because it was the first one I beat. It borrows a ton from A Link to the Past and translates it really well to the small screen. About the only issue is only having two buttons available, but it's kind of neat how you can not equip the sword if you don't want it.

    Enjoy and keep an eye out for those seashells!

  • I Didn't Beat This Game: Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies   7 years 23 weeks ago

    I liked it almost precisely for all the reasons you didn't. Creating characters especially, I had a backstory in mind for each of them.

  • Diablo II - History and Gameplay   7 years 23 weeks ago

    very nice blog

  • How Persona 3 destroyed my love for Japanese RPGs   7 years 23 weeks ago

    Lots of games are repetitive in many ways. However, many of them do a good job of hiding/obscuring that boredom from the player with other things. Failing to do that in this day and age with the current competition is just poor development. I haven't played this game, nor have I even completed a jrpg in years (after once being my favorite genre), and I'm fairly sure that there's a reason for that. You can't keep things so stagnant forever if you want people to keep caring.

  • How Persona 3 destroyed my love for Japanese RPGs   7 years 23 weeks ago

    Your reply reminded me that I should update the world that I like JRPGs again (due to Radiant Historia).

    When I wrote this, I also didn't really know how to classify what I wanted to write, so I filed it under a Full Review because while I hadn't beaten the game, I had invested over 30 hours and had experienced a substantial amount of the game. For similar situations, I'm just writing blog entries like this now:

    And thanks for your input, I still own Persona 4 and would like to get around to it someday.

  • How Persona 3 destroyed my love for Japanese RPGs   7 years 23 weeks ago

    Yeah i'm not trying to be mean but could you beat the game first before reviewing it and saying its bad?

    not to say you don't have a valid opinion or something. and not to say i agree with you either. but this what thing.

    first of all most JRPG's are structured to be repetitive and if you don't like that maybe your in the wrong genre its not like games like say action titles who purposely get you going by never getting repetitive and always haveing new challenges for you. second you shoudn't blame the games for you not playing them enough. thats just not right. its like saying you blame the teachers becuse you didn't so the homework or something. third you should feel lucky that not to many people have found this...can you say cyber bullying? i hope your not the type to take things personally....

    fourth, you really need to give P4 a chance dood. its like the PS2's swansong.

  • Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars   7 years 23 weeks ago

    "Genre $40 and worth it"
    I one hundred percent agree with this sentiment.

  • The Lion King   7 years 23 weeks ago

    I have a few friends who still talk about this game. I wish I could play it. Sounds like fun.

  • Donkey Kong Country Returns   7 years 23 weeks ago

    I have heard a lot of great things about this and seriously considered getting a Wii console for just this game. The Xbox 360 is great but they don't have games like this, simple and hugely fun. I love your minute to minute break down.

  • E3, Backloggery, and my new era of mobile gaming   7 years 24 weeks ago

    Since the Microsoft conference has already happened, the rumors were right about Mass Effect 3 getting Kinect support, but no flying the Normandy, thankfully. Kinect allows you to give squad orders and respond in conversations, along with some melee moves.

    Why can't we just plug in the Xbox 360 headset to give orders? Other games already featured this, right?

  • Okami   7 years 24 weeks ago

    Ok. The game was ruined when I saw Sakuya. Her dress is makes me uncomfortable. My parents would kill me if they saw that her plumber's crack. So yeah, I noticed that the second time I saw her... I'll try to dicuss it with my mom. It's REALLY fun though!

  • Mass Effect 2 - Overlord   7 years 24 weeks ago

    I can recall a few minor instances of clipping a bit into the terrain, nothing major though or anything that even stands out. Technically this DLC seemed very sound.

  • Mass Effect 2 - Overlord   7 years 24 weeks ago

    it's just the PS3 version that's busted, then. The environment was anything but gorgeous, and things were too choppy not to mention in the hammerhead. Notice any clipping through the terrain? Because that was pretty much the ONLY thing I noticed.

  • Bit.Trip Runner   7 years 24 weeks ago

    I've played a little of each game in the series, and Beat is probably my favorite. It's definitely the one that's most like a rhythm game, at least. Very tough and short, though.

  • Bit.Trip Runner   7 years 24 weeks ago

    Hmm... I own bit.trip beat, what do you think of that one comparatively?

  • Portal 2   7 years 24 weeks ago

    is that I hate when a silent protagonist is surrounded by talking characters and feels like a pet rather than a person. It REALLY bothers me in Half-Life 2, and it got to me a bit in Portal 2. Which is a shame because the enclosed atmosphere in the first game actually made it feel natural to me. Having all the AIs and announcements speaking to each other in Portal 2 made Chell's silence stand out more.

    Oh well, not a big deal, still an awesome game and I've yet to even touch the co-op. I think I'll get on that this week, actually. Oh, and put Portal 2 down as a game that features Nolan North...brilliantly.

  • Diablo II - History and Gameplay   7 years 24 weeks ago

    Great start to what will certainly be a great series.

    My experience with Diablo is so bittersweet. I started with the first one, but a bit late to the party, probably around 98. I remember I had just gotten a pretty sweet Pentium 166 with a rad 16 meg video card. I was ready to go. I played the game for weeks loving every minute of it. I had even found some web forums dedicated to the game and learned how to "dupe" items. This seemed amazing at first. I was SO excited. I got online and tried to find people to help me dupe equipment. Once I figured out how to do it myself I proceeded to dupe all my spell books so I could max out all my spells. I spent DOZENs of hours duping. It got to be work and I started to get bored with the game. I was spending all my time duping and wasn't even playing anymore. I then started playing online. I was having fun again and met some great people to team up with. However, then it got really bad. I met someone who invited me to go fight in hell, (the hard part of the game). He was very high level and had great equipment so I wasn't worried about it. We proceeded to go down and start fighting and just when things started getting bad, he intentionally lead all the bad guys to attack me. I got killed so fast I couldn't escape. He just laughed and laughed and then quit out so I couldn't get my stuff. It was gone forever. I was so depressed. This was my very first experience with online asshattery. I think of it as my coming of age in online gaming, when I realized it wasn't all roses and rainbows. The worst part was that I was hotblooded. I was young and vowed revenge. I had read online that it was possible to edit your save file to make yourself indestructible. You could supposedly even edit your file such that you could PVP someone up in the town, which was normally forbidden.

    Anyway, I proceeded to download the hex editors in a late night marathon of diablo hacking. At this time in history, the only place to download such editors was "warez" sites. If you're familiar with these sites, you'll understand that they're not nice places on the web. But I didnn't care, I wanted to get this guy bad. But I was new to the ways of the web and not as savvy then. I ended up getting a virus and had to format and reload my whole machine. It was like the worst thing that has ever happened to me in gaming. Well, perhaps second worst. The worst thing was when my gamecube save card got corrupted and I lost every save game I had on there and there were literally dozens and dozens of save files, all gone. Anyway, I was so sad, I never played Diablo again. Not even Diablo II until about 5 years later. Just thinking about it now is devastating.

  • Mass Effect 2 - Firewalker Pack   7 years 24 weeks ago

    I'm enjoying it so far. :)

  • Diablo II - History and Gameplay   7 years 24 weeks ago

    That's how my dad knew I was having an especially intense duel in Jedi Outcast.

    Looking forward to the next part. Even though I've never played Diablo, I enjoy learning about how developers implement baiting systems into their games. There was an article on the science behind Dragon Quest IX's grinding on Gama Sutra that I found particularly interesting.

  • Mass Effect 2 - Firewalker Pack   7 years 24 weeks ago

    Have fun in Overlord!

  • The Famitsu 40/40 List: A Review   7 years 25 weeks ago

    Yep, only a launch title in North America. It was still a launch "window" game in Europe, and landed before Christmas, which is probably most important.