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  • Art Style: PiCTOBiTS   6 years 37 weeks ago

    The difficulty curve is quite steep if you try getting near perfect scores, but I suppose I'm just a big fan of puzzle games (Boxlife, Pictobits, and Pushmo were great time sinks for me). As for the rewarding aspect of Boxlife, it may have to do more with the factory part of the game. When you play that, you earn money and get promoted when you do well. The game also automatically improves your "box life" on the top screen in the main menu, so there's that visual reward there.

  • Art Style: PiCTOBiTS   6 years 38 weeks ago

    Actually, I bought Boxlife last year when the 3DS was updated to allow DSiWare. I only got about halfway through the standard mode before consistent failure led me to give up. Something about the game just wasn't clicking for me. But I'm tempted to try again now that I've surmounted the challenges in Pictobits that I thought would be too much for me.

    I'm not sure I'd say Boxlife is more intense or rewarding, but it's got its own special kind of frustration going on. I thought it was a bit like taking a standardized test, where my eyes are darting between the ticking clock and the current problem, thinking "What am I missing here?"

  • Art Style: PiCTOBiTS   6 years 38 weeks ago

    Didn't find out about the Art Style series until I got my 3DS and was looking through the eShop, but they're great fun. While I do like Pictobits, I find Boxlife much more rewarding. It's a little more intense, given that you have time limits on everything, but the concept is easy enough that one shouldn't have a problem until the later levels.

  • Dungeons of Dredmor   6 years 38 weeks ago

    Playing through this more, I pretty much agree with your overall assessment. I came away just a little more positive since it's now clear that they're going to keep supporting and updating the game for a while.

    It really can be fun since there's so much variety and potential, but too much of it is the same. Almost the entirety of the fun comes along with the entire source of the frustration, which is the difficulty. You have to be so incredibly careful not to die (assuming you're playing on default permadeath mode) that it's both invigorating to keep living and progressing yet massively frustrating when you die due to some novel or random element. In my last death, I was as cheap as possible with vanish/teleport skills yet still died to some massive-range spell that stayed on my character and randomly gibbed me.

    And the game still does a terrible job teaching you how to play and improve its basic mechanics. The basic game speedup (key "=") and autoloot are absolutely necessary, and should be the default options, if not explained/shown to us immediately. Inventory management is also a pain. Your bag should probably just be straight doubled in size to avoid having to backtrack to sell while in the midst of exploring.

  • How Persona 3 destroyed my love for Japanese RPGs   6 years 38 weeks ago

    No opinion is a fact so that anyone of them could be considered fact. Just one of the paradoxes that comes with being human.

  • SimCity DS   6 years 38 weeks ago

    cool article that is

  • Dungeons of Dredmor   6 years 38 weeks ago

    I played this a bit more after updating, and it does seem to run a good deal better now, at least. It also looks like they're going to keep continuing support on this game for a while, so it looks to be a fairly solid investment.

  • Temple Run   6 years 39 weeks ago

    I dunno, I think online leaderboards have brought scores back into relevance, at least to some extent.

  • Portal   6 years 39 weeks ago

    A "Portal" movie would be awesome. I saw the fan made movie. Nice, but it really doesn't fit with the story. Sigorney Weaver should play the part of Chelle.

  • The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening   6 years 39 weeks ago

    I am SO glad I was not the only one that got stuck on this. I swear I went round and round in circles for what felt like WEEKS (it probably wasn't that long really)
    Glad I stuck with it though. I really enjoyed that you had to *think* about who would want each item in the trading sequence, rather than having your hand held the whole time.
    I killed the final boss twice, just so I could see the final scene again.

  • How Persona 3 destroyed my love for Japanese RPGs   6 years 39 weeks ago

    I agree with you..
    I always wanted to play this game but i never had the time to download it
    i checked out game rankings and this game ranked 3rd...
    then i decided to give it a shot, and wow.! this game rocks!
    what i loved the most about this game is the storyline, though some dialogues are repetitive (p-3 portable only). this is the very first game i ever played with an entertainingly long story. ( Oh I love the Plot! )

    now to battle.
    i like it, it's a lot like final fantasy XIII ( which i totally loved ) i don't have experiences with P3 on PS2 even though i have that console...
    and wait.! did the author just say the battle "sucks"!? wew... the in game battle is designed for the players to have a more strategic feel of the game... if he likes hack and slash , rpg , MOBA. (whatever) then why play this game??...

  • SimCity DS   6 years 39 weeks ago

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  • The Famitsu 40/40 List: 2011 Perfect Score Update   6 years 40 weeks ago

    Opinions are a thing on their own. In fact, they are fully apart from being fully developed conceptions of the world. Yours, unfortunately, means nothing. Do not speak of that which you know little about.

  • Cave Story+   6 years 40 weeks ago

    What is there other than gameplay in Cave Story? Were you expecting a great story or a choice making system that can lead onto barely off linear paths? You forget that it was designed to be simple, and it accomplishes that well. Your cynicism toward a remake of a freeware game from 2004 is a little off base.

  • Mass Effect 3   6 years 40 weeks ago

    You're ignorant preference for mainstream games like Mass Effect 3 is sickening. This game, which is far grom perfect, is not worth being called such. What about the deluge of DLC? What about the lack of meaning of your choices? What about the poor, unsatisfying ending? Greg Noe, your time is over.

  • Dear Microsoft and Sony: Go Nuclear! Don't allow used games next generation   6 years 40 weeks ago

    How would pricing down their games make Sony more money? As it is, plenty of people pay 50 or more dollars to buy a game. Never mind a few do buy games used, they still make plenty. By allowing competetion, the implementation of which is nonsensical much like your opinions, and selling games at like 15$, they would not make money. This is stupid. You are dumb

  • Dear Microsoft and Sony: Go Nuclear! Don't allow used games next generation   6 years 40 weeks ago

    "If a new game fell in price 75% in six months we would be on to something. This is what happens in the PC world now and developers and publishers are both successful."

    First, this relates directly to what I've been saying all along. The existence of a healthy used market helps keep new game prices high. PC game prices drop to almost nothing within 6 months because they have no resale value. Nobody wants to play $50 for a game that drops to $0 in value after they open it. So they simply won't buy them......unless the price is lower. Not being able to resell a game forces publishers to drop their price. I make my living selling used equipment. It pisses off the manufacturer. But they know that if their equipment didn't command high resale, that same gear wouldn't command high retail. It's simple economics. Which brand of car would you be willing to pay more for? The one with zero resale value or the one with great resale value? It's a no brainer. So, if they eliminate used game, you can guarantee the price of new will drop hard and fast.

    Second. The PC developers and publishers "are successful"? This is kind of vague I think. We've seen more publishers and developers expanding to, or completing transitioning to consoles. Mostly due to piracy and price curves. Also, they've made pretty significant moves toward subscription and microtransaction models. If they remove the price curve advantage of consoles, I bet a lot will go back to PC.

    Overall great post though. Glad to finally hear someone who agrees with me. Let them do it! I can't wait to see what happens.

  • Dear Microsoft and Sony: Go Nuclear! Don't allow used games next generation   6 years 40 weeks ago

    I really don't want used games blocked either, but it feels like a catchier/more trollish title to phrase it that way. But multiple download stores? Please.

    What do you mean by too late though?

  • Dear Microsoft and Sony: Go Nuclear! Don't allow used games next generation   6 years 40 weeks ago

    I probably won't buy a next generation system if they make it not play used games. In that way, it would ruin renting, borrowing games, etc. Things that I've grown to EXPECT on my consoles, and NOT my PC. That's the big difference here. An educated review helps, like you've produced, but overall, people will still be upset.

    Anything that I buy should be mine to do what I want with, as long as I don't break the law - - On Console games, because that's what I've grown to expect.

    Now, what you're proposing is certainly interesting. To me, however, it's just an excuse to keep PC gaming. I won't have to upgrade my PC for awhile, and Steam just keeps churning out goodies. I don't think consoles will be able to catch up. The thing keeping them above water are people that started on consoles and literally hate the PC's peripherals.

    Buuuut - maybe Billy Bob decides that Microsoft is full o' shiet and decides that he's already got a computer, so why doesn't he try the new Modern Warfare 4 on it? Billy Bob is surprised, as it's a different game, but the same game. It takes getting used to, but he gets used to it. He bought the game on the cheap, and the game runs, blah blah.

    I have a 360 for my wife and I to play. If it weren't for my wife, I wouldn't own any consoles.

    I honestly think that you have a good idea, Greg. I just think it's going to be too late.

  • Dear Microsoft and Sony: Go Nuclear! Don't allow used games next generation   6 years 40 weeks ago

    I agree with a lot of what you said here about used games and digital downloads. I have made a lot more impulse purchases on Steam because the price point is so low. Even though I haven't necessarily liked some of the games I ended up buying, this also made me take risks more often on games I ended up loving (such as Arkham Asylum/City) that I would have avoided otherwise. But if you're going to charge $50-60 for a game, I would definitely be much more cautious about purchasing something out on a limb. Considering that the cost of digital downloads is minimal, even compared to a super cheap medium like DVDs/CDs, as you say, everyone could make a lot more money. With such a business model, there's no need to harass your paying customers with annoying, useless, and expensive DRM. That, and like Steve, I hope never have to purchase a console again. (I only recently got an Xbox 360 but that's because they gave it to me for free when I bought a new PC a few months ago)

    P.S. Speaking of World of Goo, I've actually been going camping over the last year with one of the guys who developed the game. I never realized it until last weekend when someone else mentioned it

  • Dear Microsoft and Sony: Go Nuclear! Don't allow used games next generation   6 years 40 weeks ago

    When I was devising the editorial in my head, I thought about using this as a reason. Would save me a lot of money if I didn't buy any more consoles in the future.

  • Dear Microsoft and Sony: Go Nuclear! Don't allow used games next generation   6 years 40 weeks ago

    I hope they disallow used games. That way, they can fail along with Nintendo's never-ending supply of gimmicks and I won't be tempted to purchase a console ever again.

  • Icewind Dale II   6 years 40 weeks ago

    If you didn't take the time to make your own characters, have a problem with manually leveling up your characters (god forbid they don't include an auto-level button, too much work in clicking through four menus when you level), and want to be a badass right from the start, then don't play old RPGs. You are not a badass, you are weak. Sure, you are above average warriors compared to some, but you can't go out and kill dragons in your first few levels. You have to prove yourself and become stronger in order to achieve that.

    You seem to be incredibly lazy, and I don't know if you just haven't played RPGs with customization before or what, but it seems insane to me that you are complaining about the average amount of customization available in ID2. Creating your own team, leveling them as you see fit, and watching them grow as you progress are HUGE parts of the game. Let's go through the list of things you hated:

    1) No auto-level.

    Auto-level would be a terrible idea. Unlike RPGs today, you can't have a single build work for every situation. Your group of 1-6 can work off of each other, and you can't have one auto-level for an archetype because it may cause a lot of unnecessary overlap with another character (for example, dumping points in intimidate for 3 characters would be a poor choice).

    2) Little guidance.

    Again, the game doesn't hold your hand. But with a bit of adventuring you can find everything just fine. If not, check out a guide, fine. The game isn't going to have big arrows pointing you to your destination, you don't get babied through ID2.

    3) Goblin grinding.

    You are not a badass. That is, at the start you are relatively weak. You don't just go to dragon-slaying and ogre bashing from level one. That would be a very poor sense of progression. There are still boss units in ID2, a wide assortment of enemies, and much more that you can't fully experience in one hour. But ID2 wasn't made to be a one hour game, so I suppose you had a flawed review from the start.

    4) Too much stuff to click on and assign.
    5) Couldn't select different options for party members when in battle.

    Which one is it? You have plenty of options, but not enough? If you tried clicking on a single party member while in battle, you would have seen that you can have them operate independently from the group. Didn't know that was a complicated concept.

    6) Didn't know about the pause button.

    Error between the chair and the keyboard.

    7) Never felt immersed in the game.

    Your fault for not customizing your characters or caring about them. The game can't FORCE you to care about it, you have to try. Sorry, error again between the same space as before.

    8) Too much to manage.

    There is an average amount of customization for your character. There really isn't that much, and its just enough to be satisfying. How you can be overwhelmed by the level up system is beyond me. The character creation screen, sure, its a bit much. Take 15-20 minutes and you can get a solid crew. If that's too much time, then you should not play this game.

    9) No cool loot.

    Same thing with the goblins. You aren't going to get a staff that summons Demons from the sky in the first few minutes. QQ.

    TL;DR You give this game zero justice because of your own laziness. Go play ME and get your hand held through it and auto-level up your way to being a total badass in the first few levels if that's what you want.

  • Blackwell Convergence   6 years 40 weeks ago

    I seem to come away a bit more impressed than you were (with full review at some point, so I won't say too much here).

    As for your thoughts: "Her story leads the arc in the final act of the game, but It falls a bit flat in execution, and I’m left wondering if the magnificent setup Unbound pulled off was wasted in the third game. We mostly understand how she became The Countess, but I still felt it pretty vague why she’s killing seemingly innocent people. For centering the game on her, I don’t come out of the experience as fulfilled as the previous two titles."


    I thought it was mostly well explained.  A second playthrough/refresh would probably clarify it for you.  The Countess and Madeline were a normal medium-guide.  Somehow, their connection was broken (this is the only part which is a bit vague).  According to Madeline, the Countess initiated the break.  As a process of this break, part of the Countess' mind/soul was trapped in the spirit world.  She lost part of her humanity while simultaneously becoming one with the universe.  This overwhelmed her and fractured her mind, but she still continued to carry out her mission as a medium to save people.  I would imagine she then seeked out guides to hook onto, and then saved the victims in the only way she could figure how.  As one stopped guiding, she found another; her entire purpose and only goal was to save.

    Now, there is the other question of how she can still physically interact with the living while in spirit form.  But, she was apparently a very powerful spirit, so chalk it up to magic.


  • How Persona 3 destroyed my love for Japanese RPGs   6 years 40 weeks ago

    Its a good thing there are SOME intelligent people here. Personally, I love Persona 3. I named my character randomly after the mc in FF Tactics A2 and Death Note ; Luso Yagami. I also think his blue hair is awesome. I'm in love. I think Persona 4 did it better fighting/grinding/dungeon-wise, but I liked 3's Social Links and story more. 4's bores me with its constant "I gotta face myself and be who I am!"