World of Goo

World of Goo
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Platforms Windows, OS X, Linux, WiiWare
Genre Sticky Physics Puzzler
Score 9  Clock score of 9Gameplay: 10
Fun Factor: 10
Gfx/Sound: 10
Story: 4
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World of Goo is a physics based puzzle game available for Windows, Linux, OS X, and WiiWare. I reviewed the first hour of the game a few months ago and just kept on playing it until it was unfortunately over. World of Goo was one of the highlights during February's indie game month at the First Hour, and as Magic Toy Chest developers, Graduate Games, told me, "it's tough following World of Goo." That it is. The game has a ton of charm, wit, and atmosphere to carry it over about 50 levels. Each one is unique and will leave you wanting more, and while I feel the story is a bit overdone, this is a brilliant game. Let's get into it.

All scores are out of 10.


Gameplay: 10
Challenging, absurd, and wow. There's three words to describe World of Goo's gameplay. There are of course, many more, but those sum it up pretty well in my opinion, and they all lead into each other. First of all, the game is hard. You'll often be presented with a stage, and have no idea how to start. The point of the game is to get a certain number of goo balls into a pipe. The goo balls can be connected to each other to build bridges and towers, but the laws of physics reign, and are your ultimate enemy in this world.

Because gravity is typically not your friend, you learn some tricks to overcome it. This is where the absurdness comes in; you suddenly have a flash of brilliance and realize how to beat the stage, and then the truth settles in. The solution is insane! It might require swinging some goo balls across a fiery pit, picking up a set of goo bombs, and then blowing up some more goo balls to reveal the pipe. Your brain will be hurting.

And then the wow. When you finally pull off the impossible and deliver the required number of goo balls to the pipe and you just stare at your solution in disbelief. "I did that?" Well, yes, you did. Now do it again, this time, with a twist...

Fun Factor: 10
Surprisingly, after 48 levels, the game never gets old. The game is not just limited to black goo balls that stick to each other, there are also spikey goo balls, matchstick goo balls, and many more. They are introduced slowly as the game progresses, and each one serves as the next piece in the grand puzzle that is World of Goo. Like I said above, this game has the wow factor, and it translates directly into amazing fun. If you aren't smiling as you complete each level, then something is wrong with you.

And let's not forget the Tower of Goo. This is kind of the bonus, sandbox stage in World of Goo. For every goo ball you collect beyond the required minimum during the regular game, you get an additional goo ball at the Tower of Goo. The purpose here is to simply build a tower as high as you can, your only obstacle is the game's physics. I managed a decent sized tower with some effort, but there's no way to "save" your tower to experiment. If it starts falling, it's going to fall!

Graphics and Sound: 10
I gave the same score to the first hour of the game, and it probably would have fallen to a 9 if they didn't have the crazy, awesome world four. Without giving too much away, it looks like you're playing World of Goo on a classic green screen monitor! This was a great change of pace late in the game and had me laughing the rest of the way home (well, at least until the very hard world five).

The music is absolutely epic when it needs to be and will give you goosebumps as you build towards the pipe. It's an awe-inspiring listening experience, honestly. The sound effects are very effective in assisting with all the visual cues the game gives you.

Story: 4
Pretty much all over the place here, I really feel like 2D Boy tried way too hard to fit a story into this unique puzzle game. Random cutscenes abound and some of the later stages are just way too out there to make any kind of sense at all. It's a puzzle game! Do what you know best.

Overall: 9
Pretty much the same scores as the first hour, nothing is perfect about the game but it delivers an absolutely wonderful 2D puzzle experience that you will not soon forget. The physics are awesome and accurate, the graphics are charming, and the music has me go and downloading the free soundtrack. Play this game, it's available for just about every platform you could have these days. Well, at least check out the demo, go now. Now.

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