Kirby: Canvas Curse

Kirby Canvas Curse
Kirby Canvas Curse Cover
Platform Nintendo DS
Genre Original Pointy Platformer
Score 9  Clock score of 9Gameplay: 8
Fun Factor: 8
Gfx/Sound: 10
Story: 3
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Kirby: Canvas Curse was one of those early Nintendo DS games that really showed off what the system could do and what happened when good developers took the time to take advantage of the DS's unique capabilities. Typical Kirby games have you basically playing a platformer, fun, but unoriginal and done to death. Kirby: Canvas Curse takes all direct control of Kirby out of your hands, instead, you draw lines on the screen to act as a path for Kirby, and the poke him along with the stylus to get him to roll along on your lines. It sounds simple, and maybe awkward, but it simply works. You can get Kirby rolling really fast and then launch him off one of your line ramps into an enemy, or make him do loops, or even scale walls with near vertical strokes. This is also one of the deepest Kirby games to date, even beating out Kirby Super Star in terms of number of things to do. The game encourages you to replay levels many times to collect more medals - to buy more stuff. The neat thing is the levels are usually different than the last time you played them, offering enough variety to keep the fun going for a while. Now for some scores out of 10.


Gameplay: 8
Unfortunately, the controls are not perfect. They're incredibly original and they work really well 95% of the time. Sometimes though, you'll draw a line when you want to poke Kirby, or poke Kirby when you want to draw a line. Some of the levels can be very tight with spikes and roaming monsters all over, and if you don't have perfect control, you will go flying into something bad pretty quick. But this game is one of those DS games where a lot of developers are probably thinking: why didn't we think of that first? Drawing lines to make your character ride on them is awesome and should be blatantly copied more often. The game also features the typical Kirby move: suck and steal; where you suck in (in this game just run into) an enemy and then you get their power. Not that many powers available, but enough to keep it interesting.

Fun Factor: 8
This game is hardcore deep. The main game itself is relatively easy, I ran out of lives a few times but it's pretty lenient with continuing and such. But after that, you pretty much have 75% of the game left to complete. Basically, there are 250 medals to collect in the game. In the main game itself, you can only collect around 70, and that's if it's even possible to get them all with just Kirby. After you beat the game once, you unlock more characters to use other than Kirby which have various abilities at hand. You can also play a mode called Rainbow Run, where you replay the original levels (changed a bit) with certain restrictions. One way you're going for speed, the faster you go, the more medals you get. The other mode is ink, the less ink you use (you use ink when drawing lines), the more medals you get. You're shooting for six more medals in each level (three for each of the two modes). Rainbow Run is really fun and I think more fun than the main game. Trying to get through levels with using little ink is both challenging and exciting. Great addition to the game, but it can get repetitive if you try to play too much in one sitting.

Graphics and Sound: 10
A great looking and great sounding game. I can't think of any faults in either category, the music is a little too bright sounding at times but it's a Kirby game so it fits. And of course it has the classic Kirby celebration ditty. The graphics look great on the DS, especially for being one of the earlier releases, it's a 2D platformer and it does everything perfect in this category.

Story: 3
Meh, definitely the weakest part of the game. There's some cutscenes before boss battles but the dialogue was so slow and the animations so dull, I just skipped over them. Whatever, Kirby games aren't known for stories and honestly, they don't need them. So Fluffy Cloud Land got all its food stolen from King Dedede? Who cares, I'll take him out anyway for you.

Overall: 9
Awesome Kirby game, easily the best since Super Star. I highly recommend this as an addition to anyone's Nintendo DS library. The game is very deep and has a lot of variety, the unique control scheme makes it a must have. I haven't collected all the medals yet (so many to go), but I felt this game needed a review sooner than later. If you can get your hands on this game, check it out, and draw your way to fun!

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