Penumbra: Overture

Penumbra Overture CoverWelcome to another Audio-Visual Experience, brought to you by the First Hour.  Again, these articles are specially created and intended to give you a varied, concrete experience of the game's sights and sounds without having to actually play the game yourself.  Whether you haven't played the game or have already completed it but need a reminder or some nostalgia, this experience is for you.  However, if you think you may play the game anytime in the near future and would prefer not to be spoiled, you should probably avoid this article, as it contains direct spoilers at times, up to and including the ending.  For a complete first hour experience, you can view the first hour of Penumbra: Overture.

So sit back and enjoy the stylings of survival horror masters Frictional Games in their original release, Penumbra: Overture.






Penumbra 01 Ladder
Penumbra 02 Hiding From dog
Penumbra 03 Story Precursor
Penumbra 04 Organic Noises
Penumbra 05 pit
Penumbra 06 Generator
Penumbra 07 Mangled dog
Penumbra 08 red Introduction

Penumbra 09 Blocked Tunnel
Penumbra 10 Spider Eggs
Penumbra 11 red Encouragement
Penumbra 12 Crawl Ducts
Penumbra 13 Beware of dog

Penumbra 14 Bulldozer Complete

Penumbra 15 Piston Room
Penumbra 16 Worm Wall Damage
Penumbra 17 Minecart Destruction

Penumbra 18 Dark Tunnel

Penumbra 19 Crazy Eyes

Penumbra 20 Lake Cavern
Penumbra 21 Freeman Crowbar ice
Penumbra 22 Cracked ice
Penumbra 23 Crowbar Freeman Halflife
Penumbra 24 red Hope fan
Penumbra 25 Plank Corridor
Penumbra 26 Maddening Chemistry Room

Penumbra 27 red Journal
Penumbra 28 Pushing on
Penumbra 29 the Shelter